The Grand Illusion

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I’m not the best with structure but I’m thinking I might try to make Thursday a ballroom post day. I mean I’ve got my double lesson on Wednesday night and that usually provides something to write about. Maybe not. We’ll see how well I can stick to this.

Last week, we had a coach in the studio who is an expert on Country Two Step so the goal was for him to develop a routine for us. The plan is to do it at Showcase in June but knowing it may still have some rough edges so we can bring it back at another Showcase when it is more polished and shiny.

He watched us do a little as a way of gauging my general skill level and then went to work. For me, it is actually fun to watch someone who is good at this sort of thing and see how they put together a dance routine. We do have it all on video but I’m not the best at taking something from video and making it happen in real life.

The end product is a challenge but it does not feel like an impossible one and I think that is the best of all worlds. You want something that will push you and provide some growth to your dancing but not something that is so far out of range that it leaves you feeling defeated.

So we’ve now spent four lessons (two on Friday and two last night) basically working on this routine. Its a process. PJ looks at the video and breaks it down for me and then I try to duplicate what I’m seeing. Sometimes, she goes too fast and we have to back up. It is overwhelming to see the whole thing but, when you break it into chunks, it is manageable. At least until the first time we tried it to music and my brain was way behind the music.

The reason I used “Grand Illusion” for the title is that this routine has lots of spins in it and so it is a flurry of arm motions. On the surface, that always looks hard but I’ve found that arms tend to be easier than you think. A lot of times, there is only one way to move. Like there is a lot of wind/unwind so the movements are a lot more natural than they might first appear. (OK, I should probably give myself some credit here since my skill level does play a part in the ease of learning)

Now, combining the arms with the feet and staying on time is whole other thing. Work in progress. But, on the whole, I think we are much farther along than I expected to be after watching the video for the first time. The key is going to be making the thing look fluid so each move just flows naturally from the previous. I’m tempering my expectations a bit because we do have just a month remaining before Showcase and we can’t spend all our time on this. Not saying we are going to put junk on the floor but I do know it won’t be a fully polished product in June.

But that is fine since the Cha-Cha we’ll be doing should be. And, even with the potential of some rough patches, this Two Step is still going to look impressive in June. Looking forward to seeing how it progresses.

Not the best at this but trying to get better.

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