Return of the Hummingbird

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Before we get to the birds, one update on surveys. Told you I got some blood work done and, naturally, I got a survey from the lab asking about my experience. I guess that’s just a thing these days. Gave the guy good marks because I’m guessing that the majority of people who fill out the surveys are those who had a bad experience and want to vent. So I’ll bring up the average.

I mentioned we planted some flowers on Saturday and the first hummingbird showed up right away. Guessing that means he was around and was just waiting for a reason to come to the deck. Hurried to get the feeder up to give him incentive to stick around. It is always good when they return.

I remember Mom really wanted to attract hummingbirds but their weren’t many around our house so the feeders went unused. When they moved, they ended up in a good spot for hummingbirds and she was always excited to see them return – especially the years when babies came to the feeders.

We had about given up on the owls as it looked like we weren’t going to have any babies. The adults were still around and hooting but it seemed like the time had passed. Until yesterday when I was able to see an owlet through the trees. It was hard to get a good view since the trees have all leafed out but there were a couple of spots where you could zoom in to see them.

It looks like we’ve got three. Right now, they are just perched outside the nest just looking around at the world for the first time. We don’t hear the adults as much but have to assume they are still around since the babies aren’t flying yet. If last year is a guide, they won’t be around much longer and it will become harder and harder to see them as the trees fill out but it is good to know that they did successfully breed.

One last bird note. I may have mentioned a robin that was bound and determined to scare off an intruder (which was really just his reflection in the window). We put a bunch of puzzle boxes on the ledge to block the reflections which stopped the attacks and, the other day, I noticed a nest high up in the tree just outside that window.

I guess they decided they had chased the intruder off and it was safe to nest. We believe the eggs have hatched but clearly can’t get close enough to verify. So we just wait until the young get big enough to perch on top on the nest.

Despite the non May like temperatures, it is baby bird season around here.

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