Slave to the Step Counter

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Many, many years ago, I bought my first Fitbit. It was designed to be clipped to your belt and all it did was count steps. OK, I can’t remember that far back but it might have had a timer or a few other basic features. I just used it to count steps. Then, I moved up to a wrist model and that took some getting used to since I had given up watches a long time before that and kind of preferred the naked wrist life.

Well that model kind of bit the dust. It still worked through the app but the display didn’t function. Could be a result of me accidentally smacking it into a few things. (Told you, I was used to unencumbered wrists). Decided it was time for an upgrade so now I’ve got the Charge5 with a bright color display and a host of other features.

One of them is a sleep score but that requires wearing the thing to bed which I didn’t do with the previous model because it just felt weird. Decided to start doing it just for fun. Plus I can compare the results with my smart bed which also calculates a sleep score. For what its worth, they do seem to track so they must be measuring similar things. Not that a sleep score is all that useful. I have days when I can’t sleep and I don’t need some device telling me I had a bad night.

But I decided to turn on the feature where it gives you a little reminder buzz at ten minutes before the hour if you haven’t hit 250 steps in that hour. It only does this during the day so I guess it allows you to slack off after dinner. Feel so judged when it buzzes me. “Get up and do something you lazy piece of ….” I guess it isn’t a bad thing but you feel like a slave to a little piece of electronic equipment.

Plus, this version does a “readiness” score based on your previous levels of exercise and rest. Supposed to be a guide to tell you when you should maybe take it easy. It hit me with a goal of active zone minutes which I’m going to fall short of. Like I need the pressure of getting steps and active zone minutes.

I have found that wrist devices tend to short change you when you are dancing. At least in ballroom where your left arm is typically engaged with your partner and you are trying to keep it from flapping around to maintain the proper frame. But you do get credit for any heart rate increase and that goes to the active minutes.

Yes, this is what happens when I’m trying to hit that 250 step goal. Not really circles but I do walk from one end of the house to the other a few times. It is helpful but I still kind of hate the judgement.

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