Not So Great Dance Day

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Dance studios like to say that anyone can learn to dance. I mean they kind of have to say that or why else would you be there. And it is certainly true but the process isn’t always easy.

I have struggles at times converting the words my teachers are saying into actual movements. A lot of times it is more just watching and hoping I can duplicate what I think I’m seeing. If it works and we do it enough times, then hopefully the muscle memory takes over. But sometimes even muscles can forget and then it becomes a serious mental block.

And it doesn’t help that a lot of patterns are woven together from multiple different coaches plus a big dash of OwnerGuy. Kind of creates little Frankenstein patterns and sometimes adds to the confusion as my muscles reach back for something we used to do but no longer do.

Anyway, it happened last night early in the lesson while we were doing the Rumba. To be honest, it was a group effort because PJ kind of forgot the pattern as well. So she’s showing me something that worked but it wasn’t “right” because it wasn’t what we used to do. I didn’t remember all of it but I distinctly remembered a certain piece that was missing. We eventually worked it out but it did kind of put a damper on things.

Later, while trying to get a new Bolero step, my mind was taking over and not processing what she was trying to say. Because we had a double lesson, we took a break while she took some time to come up with a different approach. After some rest, we got back at it and actually made it work.

Can’t explain what went wrong but sometimes you just have those days where nothing wants to work.

It didn’t help that it was raining and my knees were feeling it but I can’t use that as an excuse.

But lets wrap up with a couple of random things. Today is the day I typically do step ups as part of my workout routine. I wanted to skip because my knees were still achy but they actually ended up feeling a little better after the work out. I’ve also noticed my resting heart rate has come down since I’ve been more diligent at keeping to my daily workout schedule and doubling up when I do need to miss days.

Yesterday, we were out for a walk and had three large flocks of Sandhill Cranes fly overhead on their way back north. You always hear them before you see them and the noise is impressive given how high they fly. Was trying to figure out if they are a little early this year because it seems a bit early but it is certainly a sign of spring.

If I didn’t mention it before, we had a Hermit Thrush make a brief appearance at our feeder the other day. According to the bird maps, they migrate through our area and this also seems early. Not going to complain if the stupid groundhog was wrong and we get an early spring.

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