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Last night, we went out to eat at a new Thai place. It actually replaced another place that served Thai and Sushi (odd combination I know) but the owner is different. The food is much better probably because the owner has a much more extensive background. Not that other place was terrible but it is a clear improvement.

There were a limited number of booths and another couple came in right after us so they got the booth right behind us. Actually, given the bits of conversation I heard, I don’t know if they were a couple. I do know they were loud and obnoxious. Guess it was a good match.

Anyway, she ordered the papaya salad and later was complaining to the server that she didn’t get what she ordered. She was claiming there was no papaya in her salad. I’m guessing she was expecting to see big chunks of orange papaya and didn’t know that in the Thai salad, the papaya is green and cut into small strips. The server did manage to convince her that there was, in fact, papaya in the salad even if it wasn’t what she was expecting.

Fortunately, they ate quickly and were gone. I think the guy wanted to go to the pub next door except he didn’t realize it was actually closed. Who knows where they ended up. But then an older couple came in and they were given the same booth right behind us.

I give the lady some credit because she liked spicy food. Except she was asking the owner if they had Szechuan Green Beans. To give her some credit, she did acknowledge that might just be a Chinese thing. At some point, the owner kind of admitted that she didn’t know what they were asking for. So they ended up settling for fried rice.

I’d like to give people the benefit of the doubt but it was really hard to do in these cases. I really wanted to lean around and tell the first lady about the papaya and tell the second that a Thai restaurant isn’t going to have a Chinese dish. I just cringed inwardly a lot. Great food. Stupid people.

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