Many Topic Monday

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Rather than an entire post, I’ll just give the top line COVID numbers for last week. There were 280,911 newly reported cases which was down about 7% from the previous week and the fourth week in a row of falling numbers. Some of that is related to decreased test volume and some is the expected seasonal decline. We are back to mid November levels and should continue to fall. Might get a small uptick in early March but we do seem to be in the end days of COVID.

Despite that, when I went to see my foot doctor last week, I still had to wear a mask. And the cloth ones weren’t good enough so they had a box of the nasty paper ones. Can’t really believe they still required it but I guess there are still some remaining hold outs. I don’t have any real issues – I started going because of certain pains but they’ve fixed that with custom inserts so now it is just a yearly check. Ballroom isn’t easy on the feet.

The geese are in motion around here so we see more overflights as they move from pond to pond. Saw a pair staking out some territory as well so just another sign from nature that we are moving out of winter.

A Chinese restaurant just relocated to our area and they are the only place in town that serves Dim Sum so we’ve already been twice in the last couple of weeks. It is the Lunar New Year so that’s why we went. She’s more the authority and she liked it. Not quite like when we were visiting her family but still good. Never knew there could be so many ways to wrap up and serve bbq pork but they were all good. My favorite was some kind of flaky pastry.

Speaking of food, my wife has me in a peanut butter of the month club. I know this sounds odd but as I’ve aged, my tastes have changed. Growing up, the big brands were king but now I prefer the simple ones made just from peanuts. Guess it was when I started to read and understand labels and you’d see that the big brands extract the peanut oil (can probably sell it for a higher price) and then dump in some cheaper vegetable oil and add sugar and other chemicals for shelf stability. I’m sure none of that is harmful but I think the best rule is to eat the stuff with the shortest list of ingredients.

And that’s all the random stuff I’ve got for the day.

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