Winter Storm Warning

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I just said that

A little while ago I said that January has been basically snow free. Guess I spoke too soon as a winter storm seems to have us in its sights. As usual, there are the caveats about storm track and other things that might make this one fizzle like others.

Or, we could end up getting our normal monthly total in one storm. Kind of why averages aren’t always useful. I can see the wrap up at the end of the month. Snowfall for the month was average but it all came on one day.

Today is sunny with temperatures slightly above January norms so we went for a little walk. Sunshine in winter is like a good friend who lives far away. You don’t see them very often but, when they do visit it makes for a great day.

I do sometimes wonder what life was like before we had all these satellites and could easily predict the weather for the next day (a little sarcasm in there). Like today, you would have woken up to bright sunshine without any clue that a big storm was due to hit. Was life better when you didn’t know and every day was kind of a random weather event?

Or were there clues that you could read if you paid attention? Maybe if you lived in a place long enough, you could start to sense the day to day patterns. A skill we’ve lost because we can now find weather information and forecasts almost anywhere. I don’t know but I think about stuff like that from time to time.

So we’ll see what happens with the storm tomorrow.

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