No Storm at All

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Well the storm seriously under performed expectations around here. They were calling for 6-9 inches and we ended up getting probably just over an inch. There were two deer in the back woods last night but they were gone in the morning. A lot of times, when we’ve had heavy snow, they’ll just hunker in place until it stops so maybe that was a clue that things weren’t going to be as bad as predicted.

We did get some heavy bands of snow and it was pretty to watch. But the total was below the threshhold for my removal service so I was on the hook to get the driveway cleared. What the snow lacked in depth, it made up in weight because it was that heavy, wet stuff. Heart attack snow it is sometimes called (at least by me). It was easier to clear the driveway during the last storm even though the temperature was 10 below.

Plus, since I figured I wasn’t going to have to shovel and that it was unlikely I’d be able to get out to my lesson, I did a tougher workout this morning. Which now means that so many parts of me are sore and I ended up cancelling for tonight because I didn’t think I’d be able to handle two lessons.

On the plus side, I did pass 10000 steps with my various trips up and down the driveway removing all the snow.

At least I wasn’t one of the many who went out and panic bought milk and bread yesterday. Guess they’ll just end up making a lot of French Toast.

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