Bluebirds of Happiness

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I don’t really know how the phrase “bluebird of happiness” came about and I’m not interested enough to look it up. I enjoy watching all the birds around the house but there is a special thrill when something that doesn’t show up every day makes an appearance.

I’ll admit it helps when they are pretty like the bluebird. We had a group that showed up in the winter and then a breeding pair through the summer. It was a great day when they brought their babies by the feeder. But then they disappeared. I know we are on the northern end of their range so I figured they had taken off for warmer parts.

Then, this morning, we had a flock of seven or so show up at the feeder and they would alternate between eating and going to the bird bath to drink. I can’t say for sure but it do wonder if it is the same family we had in the summer. Certainly that would make sense given that they knew we had food and water for them.

They were around for a short time but it was still uplifting. Not sure if they will be around tomorrow or if this was just a one off but I was glad to see them even if it was just for a short time. The week started with my car window being busted and this was a nice way for it to end.

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