Things are a Bit Off

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I had been hoping to get my car back early this week because the parts were in and the insurance stuff was sorted out but I guess it is not to be. I don’t really want to bug the service guy but I do kind of hate the whole unknown about when I’ll get my car back.

I know I have a loaner so I can’t complain too much but it is different and it feels different and every time I have to go somewhere, it just reinforces that all is not yet right in my little universe. It is the little things. Well maybe getting in and out is not quite a little things since this car sits much lower than mine so it is not fun to try and lower myself into it.

I guess it is also just that this car is a reminder of the break in and how much bad stuff happens on a daily basis.

We’ve been doing some of the local Christmas attractions in town and that has been fun even with having to drive something I’m not used to. Have a few other things scheduled for the weekend and it would nice to be driving something familiar by then.

Had to get gas today and all of the pumps were marked “pay inside first”. I don’t know why but it made me think that maybe they were getting too many drive offs and had to take action. But whatever the reason, it is just another little irritation.

I’m not one of those who avoids human contact at all times but it is sure a heck of lot more convenient to just put the credit card in and start pumping. Plus it can be faster if there is a line. And, I’m used to just filling up when it is near empty. So I just had to choose a random dollar amount and hope it got me over half a tank.

To tie the two points together, I know how much it takes to fill up my car so I would have been prepared to provide an amount. Here, I just took a guess and hoped for the best. I do hope this “pay inside” thing doesn’t become a trend. I’ll have to try a different station next time to see.

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