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Dancing has proven this to me over and over again so I can really relate to this quote. To be honest, it is still something I struggle with because there are many times when my first reaction to seeing a new step or a new bit of choreography is to think it is impossible. Or at least impossible for me. Clearly it was possible for the person showing me the move.

In our latest routine, we got a tandem spin where we need to get connected and move on to the next part without a break. It is fast and it is a challenge. The first couple of times I tried, it didn’t go so well. That’s where it is easy to get down and start thinking it can’t be done. A few more tries and it started to come together. Still more work to be done but I know I can do it so now it is just cleaning it up a bit.

The other hard thing is that to get past the “impossible” stage, you have to be willing to try and fail. Most likely you are going to try and fail multiple times. But it does make it all the more sweet to finally get something.

This is one of those things dance gives me that I don’t always stop to think about or appreciate. It is the stream of little victories. Of finally doing something that seemed way beyond your reach at first. It is the challenge and overcoming the challenge and then moving on to the next one. Always stretching just to see how far you can go.

Because –

But you won’t know unless you try.

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