Crime but no Punishment

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Yesterday, we did what we typically do around lunchtime and that was to go to the turtle pond park to take a short walk. The weather wasn’t great but it wasn’t full on winter cold so why not get out and get some air and exercise. Normally, there are people there but this time we were the only car in the little lot. Didn’t think much of it at the time.

To provide some additional detail, this is a little park in a suburban town right next to a big residential neighborhood. The parking lot is off the street but still mostly visible from the road that runs by it and, while it isn’t super busy, a significant number of cars do pass by during the day. Plus, it is a popular spot so there are always people from the neighborhood who walk their dogs through this little park. All of that is to say that we’ve never even considered the possibility of something bad happening.

As we rounded the curve on the way back, my wife made a comment about a car alarm going off. As we got closer to the lot, she noted it was our car and I could see the headlights flashing. There was another car next to it and I could see a guy standing next to our car. Even at this point, I still didn’t put 2 and 2 together so I just turned off the alarm. Guess this spooked the guy because he jumped back into his car and sped off. We weren’t close enough to get any useful information on make/model or plate.

At that point, it finally hit me that something wasn’t right and we got up to the car to see that the back window on the passenger side had been busted out. Nothing was missing because there was nothing of value in the car.

Called the police and they showed up rather quickly just to take pictures and start a case even though the officer was honest with us that there was very little chance of finding the guy and he also said stuff like this happens all the time.

Now, I get to deal with the aftermath. Spent the rest of the afternoon on the phone with the insurance company and the car dealer to get things set up. The car is now at the shop but the guy said it might take a bit since windows are caught up in the whole supply chain thing. I’ve got a loaner I can use and there is always my wife’s car so it isn’t like we are stuck here.

Everyone was nice and pleasant but it is still a major inconvenience that I have to deal with while the guy who did it has probably already moved on to his next car and ruining someone else’s day.

Guess we will now have to think twice about stopping at that park if the lot is empty.

I am a believer that the energy you project out into the world reflects back to you. I will likely never know but I can always hope karma catches up to that guy at some point.

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