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Survived the double lesson last night even though the cold hasn’t totally released its grip on me. And things didn’t take a downturn today so dancing will continue until the cold finally surrenders.

There is an award that is given when you complete nine solo routines in a given level. I’ve lost track of how many routines I’ve done and when you change instructors multiple times, I don’t think anyone was really keeping track. For the near future, I have some stability with an instructor and I’ve just decided I want to get one of these things.

I haven’t placed a lot of importance on these types of things before. They give an award for doing multiple solos in a given Showcase and I’ve got a bunch of those sitting in their boxes. It isn’t meaningless. There is a lot of work that goes into making a routine so I do appreciate the acknowledgment. It is just that isn’t really what drives me to want to do multiple routines.

There is something about this one that I want though. Maybe for me, it is more like a lifetime award – something to stand for all the routines I’ve done and for those that fell by the wayside when an instructor left between Showcases. But that is a new goal for the year.

We’ve got a dance and a song and worked out an intro and some of the first moves. In mid December, they do the Snowball and that is where people get to do a 30 second version as a teaser for what is to come. Plus, you get points for the contest if you do one and I’m not going to turn down points. The next Showcase is in June and that gives us plenty of time to finish this one and spin up another one.

I said previously that I do have this thought of walking away after a particularly strong Showcase. And I flirted with that thought just a bit before rejecting it. It is hard to explain since it involves “vibes” but the overall energy and feeling I got from the last two Showcases was kind of off the charts. Tells me I’m right where I need to be and that the right path is to continue.

I’m tossing in a couple of quotes on positive energy. The one above really applies in the dance studio. I don’t know if everyone is always this positive but we really do lift and encourage and support each other. So that particular quote really resonates.

It can certainly be hard to find that positive energy and I do think there are times that when life sucks it is perfectly acceptable to take some time to acknowledge that it sucks right now. I don’t think you should totally shut out the dark side. Just don’t embrace it for long as it prevents you from finding the light and the way out.

Just felt like saying that even though it isn’t related to the post. But, as cliche as it sounds, there is a power to positive energy and there are benefits to tapping into it.

I think this is also true but only as long as it is genuine. We’ve all met the perpetually sunny one in the rose colored glasses who ignores the suck and tries to convince you everything is perfect. Those people tend to be annoying. OK, enough about that. Time to wrap it up.

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