Double Cold

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Our recent run of above average temperatures kind of made me forget how much I hate the cold. Running the heater keeps the house livable but it also dries out the air a bit and it doesn’t replace the actual warmth. So you just walk around almost constantly feeling a chill.

And the sunny days are actually a little worse if you can believe it. Yes, it is nice on the sunny sides of the house but then there is that little shock to the system when you move into the colder parts of the house. I really don’t know what the actual temperature difference is and it is probably smaller than I think. It just feels dramatic.

We eat dinner in a room on the north side of the house surrounded by windows. Gives us a nice view of the birds and other wildlife but it is also cold. Got one little space heater and those moments when it blows towards you are great.

I shouldn’t be complaining too much since we are just at the start of the cold days and I know we’ll have that one January stretch where it doesn’t break freezing outside so it will just feel that much colder indoors.

I should be sufficiently recovered to make my lessons tomorrow. Colds are like those last guests at a party that just won’t leave even though you are cleaning up and dropping all kinds of hints about being tired. I’m down to just the annoying congestion and associated headache and the occasional coughing fit due to the other stuff. The cough is really the only thing I’m concerned about aggravating by dancing. Besides, you drop into a good coughing fit these days and everyone clears the room.

The good news is that this cold will eventually go away. OK, the cold weather will eventually go away as well but it is going to take significantly longer.

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