Start of a Busy Week

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Hard to believe Thanksgiving is on Thursday. We do have plans which is nice. I’ve always enjoyed Thanksgiving but it meant more when we could still gather as a family for dinner. It isn’t quite the same when you are just making dinner for two.

Put up the Christmas lights today. In the early part of November, it still felt like summer and it was hard to think about Christmas even though the commercials had already started. Then, we got put in the deep freeze and it was just more comfortable to stay inside. Today, we got back into more normal temperatures and we had all the leaves taken care of over the weekend so it was a good day to do it.

Now I’m not one to hang lights so it was really just sort of stringing them through the bushes that line the front of the house. And by stringing, I mean just kind of laying them in some type of pattern and hoping that I got roughly equal coverage for each bush. Still, we’ll have brightly colored lights at night and it will make me happy for the next month or so. And I got a significant amount of steps and active minutes and time in the sun so it was a good thing.

Friday is our traditional day to get the tree up and do the indoor decorations. We have plans for Friday dinner so it might be a race to see if we can get it all done. I don’t really like rushing Thanksgiving off the stage but I do like maximizing the amount of time we have the tree up and the decorations out. I find there is very little that is more peaceful and relaxing than reading next to the tree when it is all lit up. (One advantage of an e-reader is you don’t need a lot of external light)

Dance will be busy for the next several weeks as well. We’ve had to push the schedule around quite a bit to cover for days that will be missed so I’m actually headed in tonight for a lesson. Good thing they send out email reminders because we did so much adjusting, I couldn’t get it in my calendar fast enough.

Plus, we are in the season where there is much to do in town with all kinds of Christmas themed things at local attractions. The good news in this post Covid world is that several of them have dropped the requirement to get tickets in advance. Crowd size is less of a worry now and it means we can be more spontaneous which I prefer over needing to have everything planned to the minute.

It is actually hard to believe that Christmas is just over a month away. I’m sure many of you will also have much to get this month and I hate that we sometimes create this stress at a time when we should just be enjoying the season. Guess that will wait until that week after Christmas when there isn’t much to do and there will be time to rest and recharge.

But let the holiday fun and games begin.

Not related but just a quite reminder!

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