Snowfall and Sickness

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Like something is just off.

I had plans for the rest of the week. Was going to a master class and the studio party on Thursday and then use Friday’s lessons to work on the two great coaching lessons. Wasn’t counting on being sick but that happened.

Given the incubation period, I’m pretty sure I caught this cold during Showcase. Even in a post-covid world, big dance events are likely high on the scale of potential spreading events. Hopefully, I’m the only one impacted. Since I didn’t really feel like dancing and because I was contagious, it just made sense to take the rest of the week off and start back next week.

The cold has progressed the way they always do. Every day you feel a little better but it takes time to fully get rid of it. At least I got to take some naps the last two days. And, it is the first time I’ve been sick since getting COVID last September. Not bad.

We also had the first real snowfall of the year on Friday night into Saturday morning. The weather apps were buzzing to let me know what was coming and they were right this time. The good thing about a snowfall like this is that it came after some really warm weather so the roads weren’t cold enough for the snow to stick. Except of course for bridges and overpasses which they always warn you about.

So the ground was covered but driving was more like driving in the rain than in the snow. We only had a couple of things to do Saturday morning so we weren’t out very long and that was fine with me.

We have a bird bath set up on the deck and there is a plug in heater which hadn’t been plugged in so the thing was mostly ice when we got up. We do run a little fountain which created a small water hole and we watched a big woodpecker hop across the ice to drink from the exposed water hole. That was fun. Now the heater is plugged in the bath is ice free.

The other bird news is the return of the owl. Now, we really don’t know if it is the same owl that has nested here for the last two years. And “return” just means enough leaves have fallen that we can see the spot in the tree where it chooses to roost during the day. Freaked me out just a bit the first morning I looked out the window and the owl turned its head to look right at me. It isn’t that close but close enough to know when it is looking right at you.

So it has been several days of little activity while trying to get over this cold. I’m on the downside but sometimes these things take longer to clear than you’d like.

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