Omicron is Over (US Edition)

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This will be quick because I don’t have totally updated numbers for the states. But the nationwide trend is clear and convincing. Cases are in free fall and my seven day total is down 33% from what appears to be the peak.

Last winter, the highest seven day total was 1,753,062 cases on January 11th. This year, it looks to be 5,630,829 cases on January 15th. Funny how the peaks are so close together. Almost like there is a seasonal component to this that trumps everything else.

If I look at deaths, the highest seven day total last year was 23,954 on January 13th. This year, it looks to be 16,100 on the 27th although that could change. Still, with three times the cases, we end up with fewer deaths. Not to say Omicron is harmless but it is really far less of a problem than previous variants. That much continues to be clear.

Unless we have a Omicron 2.0 surge, cases should continue to drop into the spring and hopefully sanity will come back to the world.

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