The Unexpected Guest

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I know that parts of the country are preparing for a snowfall and would probably love to trade places with me. That’s not going to stop me from complaining a little bit though.

I mentioned before that the snow has mostly missed us this winter. There were a couple of days when my weather app got all excited and directed me to the “SNOWCAST” page where is reported the potential snowfall. Both times it ended up being almost no accumulation which is what they projected so I’ll give them that.

For me, the issue with snow is the mindset. If I know snow is in the forecast and know how much, I can mentally prepare for it. Yesterday, the weather apps all said nothing about snow. Maybe a chance of some flurries but it wasn’t supposed to amount to anything.

Early this morning, we had a “special statement” which is just another excuse for the weather apps to light up and tell me there is important news to be shared. This one just mentioned something about some light snow showers maybe making the roads a bit slick early in the morning. No big deal. Nothing really to see here.

Except it kept snowing. And the weather apps kept saying it was going to keep snowing. I shoveled the driveway once because we were supposed to have people coming to the house. They didn’t because of the snow. And it kept snowing so I had to shovel a second time. And it kept snowing.

I was looking at the radar on the apps and there was this big ole blob of blue. I mean how do miss that? I’m sure the weather guys would just come on and offer some excuse. “Well we just didn’t expect it to hold together that long”. Well why not?

The weather app did acknowledge in another special statement that we were going to get snow and that it would be maybe half an inch. They did allow for “locally higher amounts”. I swear that every time they say that, it refers to my house. Like we have some special micro climate that just attracts snow.

Later, after another round of shoveling, the app acknowledged that we were going to get 1-2 inches. Really? How’d you guess? I mean I could make that prediction if I just waited until the snow was mostly over. Yep, it looks like we’re going to see one to two inches since that’s what we got right now. Sorry we didn’t tell you that BEFORE it actually snowed. Guess that would take some real talent.

In the end, we did get around two inches which isn’t much. The funny thing is that we’ve had “WINTER WEATHER ADVISORIES” that have produced less snow than this.

At least it is now done and I’ll have no problems getting to my lesson tonight. Just got to deal with the soreness from the rounds of shoveling. (We have a fairly long driveway so even two inches is kind of a big deal for shoveling)

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