Waiting on the Storm

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It seems our luck has run out as a winter storm has us in its sites. It seems likely that this single storm will produce more than the average we get for the entire month of February. There is even a possibility that we could get more than the average of January and February.

The funny thing is that it almost 60 degrees here and feeling very much like spring. I guess our snow totals are going to depend on how quickly the cold air arrives to push out the warm air and turn the rain to snow. Seems that is hard to forecast exactly and Wintercast even gives us a 5% chance of getting less than 3 inches. But we seem to be most likely to fall in the 6 to 10 inch range.

It looks like we are going to miss most of the ice which is good because some of the early models had us in an ice zone. Would much rather have the snow than the ice. Ice is much more likely to cause power outages and is much harder to clear from the driveway especially given that temperatures are going to plunge after all the snow is done so nothing is going anywhere anytime soon.

Unlike the surprise snow of last week, we can be prepared for this one. Well, there isn’t much to do to prepare so I meant mentally accepting the fact that it is going to snow. It will likely mess up dance lessons for Wednesday and Friday and some other things that were going to happen. But if it just means we sit home for a day or so, that’s not a bad thing.

I’m not really excited about having to shovel our driveway if we get a big snow. We do have someone who can do it but I think we are last on their list so, if I need to get out sooner, it is up to me to dig the whole thing out. Did prove last year that I was certainly capable of doing so even if it isn’t a heck of a lot of fun.

It could be a fun end to the week but I guess it was overdue here.

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