Ride the Second Wave

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Since we’ve seen a rise in new cases of the ‘rona, we are going to maskcon2 where you must wear a mask anywhere inside and outside if you can’t properly social distance. Naturally, this means that any future dance lessons will require me to mask up.

It isn’t really a shock we took this path. Our governor is up for reelection and the power of the mask brigade is strong. WEAR A MASK OR YOU ARE KILLING PEOPLE!! Tough to stand out against the crowd when they just scream back “SCIENCE” even though the science isn’t particularly strong. Since I still kind of feel it is probably better than nothing, I’ll bow down to the crowd.

Our mayor has decided that wasn’t enough and ordered bars shut and restaurants and gyms to limit capacity. I think hair salons have to go back to by appointment only but I think they can stay open. I don’t visit bars and we haven’t started going back to restaurants so this isn’t a big deal for me but I do worry about the eventual economic impact.

Ironically, about two weeks ago, our mayor gave the order for everyone to put those masks on. At that time, the number of cases was not rising. So one could sarcastically ask why are we now having to take additional steps to slow the spread. I thought the masks were going to save us.

Just a random beach shot.

I received a couple of calendars in the mail yesterday. Organizations that I donate money to or other organizations that are similar to the ones I donate to and buy my name love to send calendars. I think they figure you’ll feel guilty. Here I sent you this nice calendar, the least you can do is send us some money. Normally, I don’t like thinking ahead six months but this is the one year where I’m already done with it and it is only July. So the calendars are a good thing. We have to hope that 2021 is better.

There is a dance studio in town that is holding parties – at least for now. You do have to sign a waiver though. I guess that is good for the studio legally but it feels a little strange. How comfortable would you be having to sign a piece of paper saying you won’t hold the studio responsible if you get the ‘rona? I guess it does illustrate the risk but it just makes me want to stay away.

And I do miss ballroom. I hear certain songs and I just want to bust out some moves. I know I could just do that but it just isn’t the same. There is no way of getting around the fact that ballroom is an activity for couples. It is the two people moving together as one unit that gives it a lot of appeal – at least for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I am enjoying my lessons but that only goes so far. In high school, we had a driving range in the parking lot where you could practice learning to drive. But that doesn’t compare to getting on the highway and giving the car some gas. That’s the best analogy I’ve got today.

I guess we all have different comfort zones when it comes to resuming activity. I think most of these parties are designed for couples since you don’t change partners. That might keep the risk down a bit but it also makes it more difficult when you are just a single dancer.

For a couple of personal reasons, I’m taking next week off from ballroom. So it will be two weeks before I get to try dancing with a mask. Fortunately, I do have a supply of the cheap single use ones which can just be discarded at the end of the lesson. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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