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I see posts from friends who have decided to go on vacation. It just makes me wonder if they are doing the right thing or if I am by mostly staying away from crowds. To be honest, part of that is my wife who is a lot more nervous about this whole ‘rona thing than I am. I mean you shouldn’t live your life in fear but you should also not take unnecessary risks. Guess the balance is what is important.

There are days I wonder how in the world I can have any success at ballroom when I’m always banging into stuff. I’ve got cuts on each leg. One from the dishwasher door and one from the car door. Don’t ask me how I managed to open the car door with my leg in the way. Special talent I guess. Have a few other assorted small cuts as well. Seriously, I’m a danger to myself except on the dance floor.

I’ve got a few more quotes like the one I started with. Its just where my mind is today. Unfortunately, it seems like the ugliness and cruelty gets all the focus. I don’t know. The more I see what is happening, the less I want to be around people. I find more beauty in random things. Like this tree in my neighbors yard. Big old oak tree. Every morning as I walk down to get the paper, the sun is shining on it and it just looks so strong and majestic and beautiful. Like a sentinel watching over things. Sometimes I think it would be interesting if trees could talk. Imagine all the things they’ve seen.

There’s a country song with the title “the more I’m around some people, the more I like my dog”. Kind of sums up a lot of what I’m feeling right now. One of the things that has been nice about not having anywhere to go is getting to spend more time with Rocco. He is getting up there in years and it is sad to see him at times because I know his back legs are stiff and sore. But there is still a lot of life there and it has been good to give him more attention in his later years.

So baseball is back – sort of. It was weird watching a game in an empty stadium with piped in artificial crowd noise. But it makes for a nice distraction. Of course you can’t put the ‘rona completely out of your mind when you see some players wearing masks. Did see one guy with a mask but it wasn’t covering his nose. I mean if you are going to go through the trouble, at least do it right.

Speaking of masks, I know this is a minor thing in a sea of major stuff, but maybe you can relate to the little things. We have orders to wear one in every indoor space. It doesn’t present a problem when I’m doing my big shopping for the week. But sometimes we forget things or the store we go do doesn’t have what I’m looking for (in this case the eye vitamins I take). In the old days, it was nothing to just pop into another store and pick up a single item. Now, to do that, I either waste one of my disposable masks which seems a little silly – you’re not getting full use of something you only wear for five minutes.

So I’ve taken to leaving a cloth mask in the car. Not hanging on the rear view mirror because I hate that look. I know it isn’t what you are supposed to do since those are supposed to be washed regularly. But you do what you have to do. Makes me wonder what is going to happen to all the cloth masks we’ve accumulated during this thing. Large bonfire? Or do you save them and wear during the next flu season?

Sorry, just popping a random graph in here because it feels like a random Monday. I’m not going to talk about the rest of places but I did want to toss out a graph of Arizona which was supposedly going to be overrun a couple of weeks ago. It is certainly possible that some new wave could ignite but the current data suggests the peak is over. Just have to see how long it takes for the number of cases to drop back to something more reasonable. If I see similar stories in other places, I’ll try to share that as well.

Guess I’ll just end on what passes for a high note in these days.

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  1. I have an empty wall space in a corner of my living room that I’ve been picturing hanging up all the different cloth masks I’ve acquired. I have a feeling we won’t be putting them into storage any time soon though.

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