Out With the Old

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This is a little deep for me but I kind of like it.

It seems weird that we are already six days into January. Ever have those weird feelings where something seems both like it just happened and that it happened a long time ago. Maybe not because that just seems contradictory but it is kind of how I feel this time of year. I mean Christmas was less than two weeks ago so it is fresh but yet it feels like it has been much longer than two weeks.

In past years, this would have typically been the day I started back to work. I would always save up vacation to take a couple of weeks at the end of the year just to relax. This year, I don’t have to worry about that. In past years, I would typically take the Christmas stuff down the Friday before going back because, once you started in on the daily grind, it was hard to find the time.

This year, I did it today so the tree got an extra three days. As I’ve mentioned before, my wife does not participate in taking down the decorations. She likes putting up lights and ornaments but wants no part in officially ending Christmas. This year she is fighting a bad cold so she was in no shape to help anyway.

As a reminder, it is not just the tree that has to be taken down. We have three mantles that get decorated with assorted Christmas themed items. Plus there is assorted lighted garland around one set of stairs and all the outdoor lights. And, we store all the stuff in the bonus room over the garage which means lots of up and down stairs. To make a long blog short, it was a lot of work.

At some point during all of this, my fitness tracker started buzzing like crazy. I am wearing it as a watch more and more so I’m finding out all the things it does. Turns out I had met my step goal and I guess the thing wanted to let me know. As of now, I’ve gone way beyond that and it has me at 36 flights of stairs. That’s obviously an over estimation. Our driveway is long and slopes uphill so fitness trackers confuse it with stairs all the time. I guess technically I’m walking up and down hill like being on a set of stairs. Not sure how many flights it credits me for walking up and down my driveway. I’ll have to try that out sometime.

Normally, my wife does vacuum up all the needles that fall off while I’m taking down the lights and ornaments. But she was napping all afternoon so that job fell to me as well.

There are various places around the city that will take Christmas trees and mulch them up. But the thought of tying a dried out tree to the top of my car and having it shedding needles on the cars behind me is a bit much. And we have woods around us so I just dump in a spot for the winter. When they come to clean things up in the spring, someone will usually haul it away for us.

Oh and I should also mention that I hit the gym this morning. Just to add to the amount of activity today. I have another app that tracks active hours and I’m waiting to see what the total is for today. I have kind of mixed feelings about that app. It seems so judgy on days when I don’t find the time to be as active.

Did have a good day for taking things down outside. Cold but sunny. Something about sun in the winter that sometimes makes it easier to take the cold.

Didn’t talk about my dance lesson last week. There really wasn’t much to say. We went over the Fox Trot routine just to keep it fresh since the plan is to do it again at the next Showcase. This week I get back into the three lessons per week swing so we’ll see how that goes.

A couple of posts back, I wrote about this injured deer that was hanging around. He was back today. The front leg is no better which makes me sad. It certainly looks like some permanent damage. But, when I went out on the deck to try and quietly toss some food down, he spotted me and ran. So I guess he’s able to get around. I suspect he can’t cover as much terrain as an uninjured deer but, since we have no snow cover, there is plenty of food around- not counting the peanuts I toss down from time to time.

Well that’s all I’ve got for now. While we are still early in the year, I know I’m not much for resolutions so this quote can apply at any time during the year. It just seems appropriate to use it now.

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