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There tends to be this stereotype of men and illness. Like we all become man babies at the first sign of some sniffles. Its a pretty common trope. We have sort of a gender reversal thing because I channel my Mom and typically “tough it out”. I don’t know that she ever said those words exactly but you weren’t staying home from school unless you truly had a fever or some other confirmed illness.

Plus, I just hate lying in bed feeling bad. The best I’ll do is take a nap every now and then. For the most part, life goes on. You feel bad but you just deal with it.

My wife is the opposite end of the spectrum. She’s been down since Saturday and has spent very little of that time up and around. I know the whole head cold with cough is unpleasant and rest is important but this seems excessive to me. Good thing I know my way around the kitchen or we’d be ordering a lot of pizza.

We had another day of “warm for January” weather and this weekend is supposed to be even warmer. I’m of two minds regarding this. There is certainly a part of me that doesn’t mind seeing the arctic cold remain where it belongs – in the arctic. But I also know that things even out. So if we have a stretch of temps 10-20 degrees above average, we are due for a stretch where they are 10-20 degrees below average. Its just science! (Kidding but that’s how things seem to work)

Problem is that it always seems like the cold snap is saved for March or April when you really want winter to go away. I mean it is supposed to be cold in January so why waste nice days in this month. I think with the limited daylight, it never really feels as warm as it is. Which sounds crazy but that’s just how we do weather in the Midwest.

But with the sun, I did get a chance to take Rocco out for a walk which he appreciated. And it is nice to not have to wear multiple layers and still be cold.

Saw many new faces at the gym today. Maybe the resolution thing took a bit to kick in. Probably a lot of people seeing the waived entry fee and jumping on it. We’ll see how long it lasts.

The studio is trying something new with group classes and I’m not sure how it is going to work. For example, Tuesdays are now smooth day so each day has a particular theme. Tonight is Quickstep but it isn’t clear to me if they are going to have levels. It might be kind of hard since there are only two of us who actually do enough Quickstep to be considered advanced. They might still try to group by where you are in the medalist world perhaps assuming that the more “advanced” students could pick it up quicker.

There is also some contest associated with group classes so if you attend a lot, I guess there is the potential to win some kind of fabulous prize. Not entirely sure why they are making this change because the group classes seem to be well attended.

I do have a lesson later tonight after the group class. But I’m on the fence about going to the group class. I do love Quickstep but, since there aren’t too many of us who do it, I suspect it will be limited to a couple of basic moves. Plus the amount of movement required may be more than most of the students can take so I’m not sure how much fun it would be.

On the other hand, I had a big step day yesterday so group class would help add to my total. I’m finding out something else about my new tracker. It is a bit of a nag. If I’ve been sitting for a bit, it will buzz me with some random request to finish the next set of 250 steps. We are all being trained to respond to machines which will make the robot takeover just that much easier.

So this was just a random collection of little things about my mostly uneventful day. I think I will go to the group class. It will at least keep my tracker from hounding me to do more steps.

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