Goodbye Holiday Season

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OK, I’m a hold out since my tree is still up and the lights are still on outside but since we got done with New Year’s Day, I guess the holiday season is officially over. Most people went back to work today. When I was working, I would often take these days as well to start back on a Monday. Had to extend that season as long as possible.

Yesterday used to be filled with college football bowl games. I think since one network bought the rights to them they want to maximize viewers so things get spaced out a little more than they used to. There are actually a few games on today and still more over the next couple of days. Personally, I think that is pushing things a bit too much. Wrap things up on New Year’s Day. I mean there’s a game this afternoon which nobody will watch since most people are back at work.

It did mean that I got the usual call from Pop yesterday wanting to know times and channels for the games. I am the TV guide for him since he can’t see to read the channel guide on the TV. His school was playing yesterday but they didn’t win so I’m not sure he watched the whole game.

Since things are mostly back to normal, I did go to the gym this morning. They are running a special that waives certain fees if you sign up. The crowd was actually smaller than usual but we’ll see what happens in the weeks to come.

Today is another wacky weather day. The calendar says January but it feels more like early March. A day where you think it is warmer than it actually is. In March, a day like this is a promise of better things to come. In January, it is just a tease because you know winter is going to come back hard at some point.

Still it was nice enough to get Rocco for a walk. Lots of people at the park taking advantage of the non-January weather. But it was also a day when I appreciated the whole “not having to go to work thing”. I guess maybe this retirement thing works for people like me where you don’t need to have a schedule of events. Just let the day happen. It was nice and sunny so why not spend a little time outside.

The last bit of normalcy happens tonight when I’ve got my first dance lesson of the new year. Heck lets just call it the first lesson of the new decade just to be fancy. Considering when I started, I can now say that this is the third decade I’ve danced in. That sounds like a long time. (Actually the phrase sounds awkward but I can’t think of a better descriptor).

So the second day of the new year has been pretty good so far. This decade is off to a promising start.

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