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My day started with scaring the pumpkin eating raccoon before he could roll the pumpkins off the steps. I mean he’s done a good job scraping out the guts so I’m not sure what he’s looking for. Just have to make it through Thursday and then he’s welcome to what’s left.

Forget the Candy, I’m here for the Pumpkin!

We probably won’t get that many kids for Halloween which is kind of depressing. I’m so out of touch with kid culture that I usually don’t recognize the costumes. I mean if they come as Marvel super heroes or certain Disney characters, then I get it. We have a long driveway so I usually hear them coming up which allows me to get outside with the candy before Rocco knows they are there. He wouldn’t bite anyone but he makes a lot of noise and I know he might scare some kids. You can imagine the scene with me balancing the bowl of candy while blocking him with my body so I can get outside to hand stuff out. Maybe it’s best that we don’t get many kids.

It feels like trick or treating seems like a dying thing. A relic of the past. I mean we don’t know our neighbors anymore and people don’t want to go to houses where they don’t know anyone. And there are all these “trunk or treat” things that pop up in various parking lots. I’m old enough that we were “free range” trick or treaters once we got past a certain age. I know we covered a lot of ground in the search for candy. But that’s just not the case anymore. I think we had more fun back in the day.

Hit the gym again this morning and saw my old boss on the way out. That may become a recurring theme. She’s a nice person. Just not the best boss in the world.

Started something a little new today with certain exercises. If I wasn’t feeling it, keep adding sets until I did. Not wanting to overwork anything but I think you should feel some fatigue. Since I got to the giant floor matt, I did a lot of core stuff including the dead bug. I don’t know who dreamed up these names but I certainly remember that one.

He needs to get his legs up. Bad form!

So my lesson yesterday went pretty well. We did a lot with the Argentine Tango and them some with the West Coast Swing. JoNY was pretty worn out which having the flu will do to you. I hope she doesn’t overtax herself this week trying to get people ready for Showcase. Not that I want to be pessimistic, but I’m lowering my expectations for these routines. They’ll probably be OK but I’m just going for no major screw ups.

How do you feel about Christmas music? Seems like a more controversial topic than it needs to be. One of my Sirius channels has already switched to all Christmas music and several more will follow after Halloween. Seems a bit early but my wife is all for it. Which is kind of strange because she never celebrated Christmas and grew up in a culture where it wasn’t that big of a deal. She’s all about the music and the decorations and everything else that goes with the season though.

You can already see the Christmas stuff intruding onto the shelves at the big stores. Once we get the Halloween candy and stuff shoved into the clearance aisles, there will be the full court press to put out all the Christmas stuff. All the useless trinkets and things that nobody needs but that would make “perfect gifts”.

I do hate the whole thing where everyone needs a big holiday retail season so they just push people to buy stuff when that really shouldn’t be the focus. But I do also love seeing all the decorations. It does make things more festive. So I can just block out the messages about buying everything in the store and just focus on the bright and shiny decorations and feel happy.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves since Christmas is still two months away and we still have leaves on the trees and it is clearly still fall and not winter. And I have to keep the pumpkins out of the clutches of that stupid raccoon for a couple more days.

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