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We got lots of random things to talk about today. So let’s get rolling.

My hands are not any better today but my mood is a little better. It is what it is. Then it got me to thinking about why my arthritis medicine comes in a bottle with a child proof lid? Don’t you know my hands sometimes don’t function all that well? Are you just mocking me?

Now I suspect there are ways to get it in a normal bottle but that would require work and it is just more fun to complain about it. Seriously, I get the whole “keep the kids safe” thing but does the default have to be child proof? Probably an insurance thing. If you give out something in a non child proof and something bad happens, you get sued out of existence. So might as well be safe and just frustrate people like me.

I suppose I could just get something easy to open and transfer the pills which would work except I’d have to keep the bottle for travel. Not sure the TSA agents would accept a bunch of random capsules in an unlabeled bottle. Well I do have my catalog of things to make your life with arthritis easier (until earlier this year, I had no idea such a thing existed) so I will go surf through that after finishing this post.

My lesson with JoNY today was rescheduled for 6PM. To be honest, that’s not a great time for me because it puts me out in the middle of evening rush and I hate driving in rush hour traffic. Our rush hour is nowhere near what it is in mega cities but it ain’t always an easy drive either. OwnerGuy wanted to reschedule to give JoNY more time to recover and how could I say no to that. Sometimes, I’m just such a pushover.

I’m betting he also did it because Z was going to be at the studio at the same time and this way if JoNY were to no show, I wouldn’t be sitting outside a dark studio. I’m going to have to be honest that somehow that one no show seems to be giving me bad thoughts. Showcase is less than two weeks from now and I have absolutely no excitement about it. I don’t even have the sense of panic that I’m not ready (which I’m not). Just kind of feel “blah” about the whole thing. Which really kind of sucks. Why spend the money and devote a whole day to something that just kind of makes me go “meh”.

Or I could have just been thinking about that whole “crossroads” thing and where I need to go next with my dancing and does this Showcase even really fit into that path anymore.

Where to go, where to go

We had massive winds after the all day rain on Saturday. Blew down quite a few leaves. There goes your fall colors. Not really because there’s still plenty but a significant portion of it is on the ground and not in the trees. Not quite the same thing when you are looking down at the ground to enjoy the colors.

And the winds took someone’s pumpkin decoration and blew it down the hill. It was sitting in the curb outside our house yesterday. Since it was still there today, I walked down there to get it and put it on our steps with the raccoon chewed real pumpkins. I mean I couldn’t let it sit in the street, now could I? Yes, that whole thing about assigning feeling to inanimate objects which I do from time to time. Its an INFP thing, you may not get it.

Not all of them. But maybe some of them. You never know.

I did go to the gym this morning. As much as I love summer, I do love walking out of the gym on cold mornings. Just love how good the cold air feels and it is the only time cold air actually feels good.

We took Rocco the wonder dog for his walk on Sunday morning and then we stopped by the big pet store because he was nearly out of food and that would be tragic. Dog’s have a unique ability to remember good things and he knows that the cashiers have doggie treats and they give them up rather easily. Of course, he doesn’t want to wait until we are checking out so he makes a beeline for the register. If there’s nobody there, he starts sniffing around because he knows they are in there somewhere. He did manage to get treats from two different people because that’s his talent.

I then made the mistake of giving him some water after we left the store. Normally, we give him water after his walk but I foolishly decided to wait. He drank too much and too quickly. With the excitement from the store, it was all too much and right after I loaded him into the car, it all came right back up.

Had this been in the house, it wouldn’t have been a problem. If you own dogs, you know what they are likely to do. But he couldn’t reach this since it went over the side of the seat onto the car door and floor. Fortunately for me, it was on my wife’s side but that meant she drove home with her window wide open. Then I got to clean the car. Its a darn good thing they are so lovable because they can really be a pain sometimes.

I’m also having second thoughts about this fantasy football thing. I realize that I’m way too competitive and there is just too much luck involved. And I always play someone who ends up scoring far about what they were predicted to score. Which pisses me off. But then I’m also realizing that instead of just watching a football game and appreciating the talent, I’m getting mad because some random player on some random team in a game I don’t really care about scores. This is what fantasy football does to you. And its probably not a good thing.

I guess I should wrap this up. There are other things that need doing.

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