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Turned over my credit card last night to pay for Showcase so I guess that makes it official. Just a few short practices left and still so much to remember. Maybe I can find time next week to work another one in.

We worked on both the Fox Trot and West Coast Swing routines yesterday but I told JoNY we also need to go back to the other dances and make sure the glitches are ironed out. I still wish I knew them a little better than I do so I guess I’ll just be going over my notes a little bit.

After the gym today, I went shopping for the costume ideas we had settled on but I struck out. Then I came home and got on line and found everything. Probably just should have started there since it was raining but I guess it only cost me a couple of hours.

None of the songs really lend themselves to good costume ideas. I have to use suspenders for the Fox Trot (they play a part at the end) but I have a set from another costume I put together last Halloween. For the Argentine Tango, she wants a red shirt which I don’t own. Not actually much selection but I found something that will work. With the west coast, it is just jeans and a black t-shirt.

This is my little introvert paradox. Well actually it is not a paradox but just the stereotypical idea of an introvert as a person who avoids all human contact and hides in their room. Then again, there are a lot of introverted performers so maybe that myth should just be put out its misery.

Was chatting costumes with JoNY after the lesson while paying for the whole Showcase thing and Z starts asking about whether I’m freaking out yet. Yes, a few weeks before Showcase, I get a huge case of the nerves and start to second guess myself at every point. Already done that this year with the whole talk of not even going. Yeah, that’s kind of threat I make every year. Just happens. I’m great when I get on stage but getting there is kind of a pain.

Anyway, I started going on about how there was so much I didn’t know and then she asks whether I’m basing that on what a student should know or what an experienced teacher should know. My response “Is there a difference?”. Well of course there is. I know better than to expect perfection and yet I can’t stop myself from doing so. Probably also a comfort thing. Some part of my brain thinks that I’ll relax only when I’m truly prepared. Then the other part of my brain starts going on about how I’m never going to be truly prepared.

Funny thing is that I’ve done this enough times that I kind of know the drill. Mistakes happen. Keep smiling and moving and nobody will really know. If you deviate from your choreography, the judges aren’t going to know because they don’t know your pattern. So if you toss in a few basic steps just to get back on track, it is no big deal. I mean I’ve never really gone on and fallen on my face (the evil part of my mind is now saying “first time for everything”)

And you may be wondering why in the world I would put myself through this mental torture. Is it really worth it? Yeah, it is. Showcase is really my only opportunity to actually get out and show what I can do. It is when all the practice pays off. So you go through the grind and the freak outs just to get there.

Funny thing about routines. When you break them down and go piece by piece, it seems much longer. Then, you dance it to music and, before you know it, you are near the end. That happened with the Fox Trot last night. I was kind of on auto pilot and then I hit a spot and realized we were very near the end.

The eight year old is going to be at Showcase. This will be fun to watch. Was talking briefly with her Mom again yesterday. I guess the hustle I did with her daughter has really stuck with her because she brought it up again. She mentioned my leading which I thought was interesting because her daughter was a pretty good follow.

Well one of my three pumpkins now has a huge hole in it. I think the raccoon got tired of trying to scoop out the insides through a small hole and just tore into the thing. I can still turn it around because one side still looks like a whole pumpkin. I did just get a weather alert that we are supposed to get rain and significantly colder weather tomorrow which will probably keep the number of trick or treaters down. But after tomorrow, I’ll just toss whatever is left of the pumpkins into the back so I don’t have to keep picking them up every morning.

And, with that, I’ll end this.

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