Weather Roller Coaster

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I’ve had this mini cold since Saturday. Started with the scratchy throat, dry cough fun and I kept waiting for it to either go away or blossom into something. Kind of like when a tropical depression forms far out in the ocean and could fade to nothingness or become a nasty hurricane. (Weather geek analogy – bear with me, I’m in pain here)

Actually, it could just be allergies with the runny nose and drainage causing the problems. Who knows? It is just enough to make me feel crummy which I hate. I went to my lesson on Monday and felt fine afterward. Went to one last night and then woke up this morning with the really fun pounding sinus headache. Which may or may not be the cold/allergies advancing into something else.

One of my least favorite parts of fall is the rapidly changeable weather. I hate winter but you can pretty much count on it being cold all the time. Yesterday, we had high temps in the 70’s and I didn’t need a jacket when I went to the lesson. Then, a front comes through and we’ll just be getting into the mid 50’s today. These rapid swings in temperature/pressure/air masses play a special kind of havoc on my sinuses.

Another case where the medicine only marginally dulls the pain to allow me to function – sort of. I did go back to bed and slept for another couple of hours. Rocco the wonder dog was very happy to come back in the bedroom for an extended nap. Now the problem is that he assumes I’m up and functioning and there is no reason I shouldn’t be taking him to the park. He gets so dejected when I say “NO”. Yeah that thing about dogs recognizing when you are sick, he must have missed that.

Pretty much every 20 minutes around here!

So now all I can do is wait for the pain to pass. I’ll probably end up taking the dog to the park. I mean having a headache doesn’t keep me from walking and maybe some air would be good. Who knows.

I did make spaghetti sauce yesterday. Turned out better than the last time. (See here for details on my last attempt)

Let’s do a brief recap of dance world. Had my lesson on Monday afternoon which was good because we did the Fox Trot routine with nobody on the floor so we had space and music. A quiet dance studio is a little eerie, I have to admit. Just walking on the floor at the start without music and my steps were echoing. A bit creepy. Good thing it was in the middle of the day.

Last night, OwnerGuy is pestering me to do a Quickstep at Showcase. He’s doing one with one of his students and wants someone else on the floor. I’d love to do some more Quickstep with this new instructor. That’s not the issue. The issue is my panic level. I mean I suppose we could just do a lesson right before Showcase and practice the three steps I’d need to get around the floor. I could probably do that. It is just adding another things to stress out over when I’m already having some issues remembering the routines and even some of the heats. I don’t do well with the stress leading up to something like this and I don’t need anything else tossed at me.

Then, they said you could just do it for fun. Well, sure, if you’d let me do it for free, then I’d consider it. I’m not going to spend more money to do extra heats just to fill up the floor. Plus, if you know me, there is no way I’m just getting out there and winging it. Not my style. If I’m going to do something, I’m going to be prepared. So I’d be spending money for an extra lesson or two plus money on heats. Yeah, not really interested in doing that just so you can have more than one couple on the floor.

Plus, I know they’d give me back to back Quickstep and Viennese Waltz heats and who needs that.

When I get through this Showcase, I’m going to need to talk with OwnerGuy about what I do in the future. I think there is a possibility of going back to Quickstep but I need to work that into the overall picture of what I’m doing with JoNY.

Our lesson last night was a review of the non routines so we did our Viennese Waltz, Fox Trot and Bolero. I should probably be cutting myself a great deal of slack here because I wasn’t feeling the best so I didn’t dance my best. But all that does is trigger some panic about Showcase being so close and me not really having certain parts down and on and on. Not really the best lesson I’ve ever had.

Oh, and I’ve just got to say this. Z was on a lesson with another couple. I don’t know who these people were because I haven’t seen them before but they’ve clearly been dancing somewhere else. Anyway, while we’re doing the FoxTrot, she calls out to me with some comment and then she and JoNY get into a discussion about who’s the better teacher and they want me to answer. It was all supposed to be in fun (not really my idea of fun) but I honestly get tired of the distractions. I’m trying to freaking dance here people. I don’t need this kind of crap tossed at me. We’re in a slightly better place but I’m not at all comfortable running Z down in front of her students even if it is supposed to be a joke.

I probably shouldn’t be writing too much more about this. When my head hurts, I’m sure I’m not thinking about things the same way I do when I feel better.

Its not raining so maybe Rocco wants to go for a walk. Who am I kidding. Of course he does.

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