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(Just a random collection of observations, questions and mini rants)

Saturday morning was unusually cold so walking around the farmer’s market was not much fun. I think several of the vendors decided to take the day off because of the cold. When it gets cold like this, everyone says things like “welcome to winter”. I guess when you live in a area with changing weather, it becomes a thing to talk about it. Of course it is not literally correct because had it been winter, the cold morning would have been the high temperature for the day. But what’s a little hyperbole on a cold morning.

Got to the gym today. SuperFan was there as well. His team has won two games in a row and the player he blamed for all their failings has been a key factor. For some reason, he was discussing another team and complaining about some other player. I guess some people just aren’t happy unless they are complaining about a sports team.

I’ve switched around my dance lessons so I will now have a lesson later today. Cancelling my early lesson on Tuesday where we always had space issues. In theory, this will give us a better shot of having the whole floor because very few people can take lessons at 1 PM. But it will feel weird being in an empty studio.

We have a bird bath on our deck and it is fun to watch the activity. Sometimes, there is a squirrel that shows up to get a drink. Yesterday was also chilly and we saw this blue jay perched on the side of the bath and he was actually taking a little nap. Pretty sure he had just taken a bath and was using the sun to dry off and just kind of dozed off. Which triggered two reactions from my wife. First she was concerned that the jay was sick. I volunteered to go out and show her that he’d be fine and then she said she didn’t want to disturb his rest. Yes, the wildlife around our house are a source of entertainment for us.

Bought this “autumn mix” yesterday. A collection of candy corn and other similar things. Candy corn is something you should never eat but it is kind of a fall thing so I usually have a little bit every year. This mix came with maple flavored things. Which I found interesting because maple syrup comes in the spring so it is really more of a spring thing. At least there was nothing pumpkin spice flavored in this mix.

There is a catalog we get every year from Vermont which has plenty of maple syrup. They try to package it with other breakfast items so you could order a whole breakfast spread as a gift. I don’t know about sending stuff you have to make as a gift. I mean you’re making someone do a lot of work to appreciate your gift.

And who really makes a big breakfast anymore? I mean we have a couple dozen brunch type places that are always packed on weekends because making breakfast is a big effort. Which is why we do it for dinner some nights. That’s actually one of the best dinners. Nothing like having pancakes, eggs and bacon for dinner.

We were actually at a restaurant last night having breakfast for dinner. Going to divulge something I don’t think I’ve mentioned before. We are what you’d call a mixed race couple. For some reason, there are places where the bill comes and the server asks if it is one check or two. This happened last night. Like you can’t wrap your mind around the fact that we are a couple?? I guess maybe we need to start feeding each other to make it clear that we are, in fact, married. Or the server could check the ring fingers if they have any doubt.

Which makes me wonder which is the worst mistake. Assuming two people are a couple or assuming a couple is not. I’m pretty sure it is the second. I mean it would be slightly awkward for someone to assume you are a couple but that could be laughed off. The other way is actually kind of insulting. Like, what, we don’t belong together?

If I was the type to get easily outraged, I would probably do so. But I just say “one check” and be done with it. Well, OK, I do decrease the tip just a bit.

I’ll wrap this up in a bit. I follow a lot of different blogs. Every so often, I have to cut some loose. I always find it interesting when I see where in the world people are and I think about people in different places reading the stuff I put out. What must you think of me?

But there are two things that I’m not all that fond of. One is when a blog goes dark. It always makes me wonder what happened and if that person is OK. The second is reading posts from people in obvious pain. There is the part of me that just wants everyone to be happy and I know that people go through rough patches. And offering a comment or something else just seems so ineffective. If I had a magic wand, I’d wave it and make the pain go away but life doesn’t work that way. I root for those people though. Guess I just want everyone’s story to have a happy ending.

And, with that, I’ll call it a day. I’ve got a couple of things I need to do so I have to put this down and get to work on getting them taken care of.

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