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I meant to write something but the first couple of posts just didn’t seem to be going anywhere so I abandoned them. Happens from time to time. Start with an idea. Sit down to start writing it up (well writing by using the keyboard but you get my meaning). Then the thought kind of falls apart and the post just kind of dies.

I did have a lesson on Thursday. I realize I haven’t discussed it. We worked on Waltz and Argentine Tango. Had to bring the Argentine Tango back since we started it in November but kind of put it to bed when I didn’t do the Showstoppers. So it was a little rusty but it actually ended up coming back. Still have a little more to add to make it a viable Showcase routine but at least we haven’t completely pushed it aside.

The Waltz was just working on integrating the new pieces into the existing pattern and then dancing them to see where we end up. The funny thing about the smooth dances is that since they all travel, you usually end up starting in a corner on the long side going down line of dance. Since there are only two such corners on the floor, it kind of makes it interesting at Showcase where everyone clusters in a couple of spots to start out.

Actually had a good time on the lesson. I know I wasn’t feeling the greatest. Normally spring and fall are the worst times for my sinuses but we’ve had a couple of times where we’ve had pretty extreme temperature swings. Add in the rain/snow and it can shut things down leaving me with the 12-24 hour headache that simply laughs off any and all pain relievers. Made it a little hard to concentrate on the dance but we had fun. I’m getting to a good place in my dancing and I was going to write about that but I couldn’t really seem to come up with a coherent piece on that so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Had my normal Friday morning work out which required walking across campus to the fitness center with a wind chill advisory going on. Well maybe it was an actual warning because they put some of the schools on a two hour delay. Most days, it is kind of nice to walk across campus but not that Friday.

Anyway, we did some fun floor work which included some glute bridges and some other kind of exercise that has someone’s name attached to it but I can’t remember. Basically, you’ve got one leg bent at the knee and the other one extended and you crunch up to get your shoulders off the ground. Normally, we do 10-12 reps but I ended up doing 14 of the glute things the first time around and that just stuck. So we did three rounds of three exercises with 14 reps per. We did some other things to and she kind of mentioned that she was pushing a little harder than normal. So I was a little sore come Saturday – also probably because I only got a chance to get over there on Friday. Hate weeks like that because it usually means I’ve got useless meetings that take up too much of my time.

Saturday was the first Saturday in two weeks that we didn’t have a winter storm warning so we actually got out to do our normal errands. Went to our winter market but the pickings are getting a little slim. You have to expect that since it is the middle of winter and it is hard to grow stuff this time of year. Still, I like being able to at least get a little local produce even in the coldest time of the year.

We got a little snow Saturday night. Just a little less than an inch which is enough to be annoying. It made the driveway a little slippery but it is just a bit too much to be melted by salt alone. And it is such a small amount that by the time you drive over it once or twice, it is hard to shovel. The only good news is that it was sunny today and that usually melts a lot of it. Tomorrow is supposed to be above freezing and that will take care of more of it. Which is good because the rest of the week is going to be Arctic like around here. Just keep telling myself that it is the last week of January and then the coldest month is done.

Went out to get gas today. (I must be really bored if I’m telling you this stuff) Normally, I forget until the tank is nearly empty and, inevitably, I’m filling it up when it is frigid outside. Knowing what the rest of the week is like, I actually decided to just take action and get it taken care of now. Got a car wash too which is kind of a money waster in the winter because there’s always salt on the roads and spray that makes your car look nasty. One silly little observation about the car wash since it was attached to the gas station. They make a big deal out of the fact that they’ve got this tri-colored foam soap. That has to be all marketing. Can the red stuff really be different from the blue stuff and the yellow stuff? Probably just for entertainment value since you are sitting in your car and it would boring if it was just simple soap so covering the car in tri colored foam just looks cooler. Well for the few seconds the soap is on there before the brushes come and make it a complete mess.

Well it was just that kind of day. Lots of thoughts and nothing to do with them but put them down here. Now I must go do something else.

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