Not So Manic Monday

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One of the things that gets me through Monday is knowing that I don’t have anywhere to go or anything to do on Monday nights. That becomes nicer on a day like today where it is another cold rain. The thought of knowing that once I leave work and get home that I don’t have to turn around and go back out is comforting.

I do have to deal with Rocco’s disappointment though. As a dog, it seems the concepts like seasons and rain and cold don’t really sink in. I’m home and so we should naturally be going to the park. In the spring, summer or fall, that becomes a possibility but not in last light of a cold, rainy day. Maybe he thinks that the car is some magical thing that can transport him to a place where it is dry and pleasant. I mean he sure hates going in the yard on days like this so why he thinks a walk would be any better is beyond me. Then again if we understood dog logic, they wouldn’t be so much fun.

I do think that part of the reason for my mini freak out last year when I walked away from the other studio was having to go back out pretty much every night. I’ve read a lot about introvert burn out and the need to recharge and there are times when that feels like a weakness. Found out that it is real and something inside eventually tells you that enough is enough.

There’s certainly a balance between too much interaction and too little. I’m not the type to become a hermit shutting out all physical contact with people. Right now, that balance feels right. I think there is also part of me that still needs to just accept that I can’t be out there all the time and there is a need to spend some time in the house to recharge. It isn’t weakness and the time spent here is clearly useful and valuable.

So just a short one tonight. Not really much of a point except to talk about how much I look forward to having evenings like this.

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