The Gloves Come On

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So JoNY is under the weather and both of my lessons for tonight have been cancelled.  That leaves me with some time and so some of it will be spend leaving a few random thoughts here for your entertainment.

Last night, the was definitely a chill in the air.  I had to wear my slightly thicker coat to take Rocco to the park.  I actually have four different layers of jackets ranging from the windbreaker to the down coat so I’m covered for all types of cold.  Outside of the windbreaker, the other three have gloves in the pockets – again in different layers ranging from the Isotoners to the really thick gloves I bought in Park City two years ago.

I hate getting the gloves out.  It is a psychological barrier because it means that I’m surrendering to the inevitable coming of winter and cold.  I hold on to summer as long as possible but I also have to deal with the fact that my hands freeze at warmer temperatures than other parts of me.  Its a trade off with no good option but I decided to accept that summer is done and go with the gloves to keep my hands warm.

I think Isotoners used to be a bigger thing.  I remember commercials from way back pushing them as a gift at Christmas but I don’t recall seeing many now.  Then again, I don’t watch much TV so that might be why.  Gloves for a guy seems like a cop out type of gift.  I don’t know why.  And these are stylish (at least to me) but not very effective.  I guess if you wanted something to complete an ensemble as a business type person wearing a suit they would look better than ski gloves which don’t give off a serious business person vibe.

It seems like the hummingbirds are gone as I haven’t seen one at the feeder in a couple of days.  So that comes down this weekend to be put away until spring.  There are certainly times when I envy the birds that fly south for the winter.  Of course, they don’t have to worry about having two places to live and forwarding mail and dealing with utilities and probably having someone check on the place you aren’t every now and then to make sure it is still standing.  Yep, birds have it easier.  Well, they do have to fly and can get knocked off course by wind and storms and then they have to to find food all the way down.  Plus, they may get to their winter grounds and find that someone turned it into a shopping mall.  That would suck.

The grasshoppers were still out on my walk to the fitness center today but I know that another couple of good cold snaps will silence them for the year.  I’m walking and I’m watching grasshoppers fly off the path to avoid me and the wind blowing the grasses (I can’t help but touch the ends every now and then) and I walk by a lady engaged in a serious text response.  Funny thing is she’s carrying two phones – one must be personal and one for work.  I see that all the time as I walk around our campus – people with their noses deep into their electronic devices.  Is it really that important?  Wouldn’t it be more relaxing to just watch the birds and insects and grasses blowing in the wind?  Do you really need to be in electronic touch with the world 24/7??  Can’t anything wait a minute or two?

Speaking of work, there are rumors already starting about another round of job cuts next year. Right now, it is just whispers in the wind so I’m not that worried about it.  If I were to make it to April of 2020, I’d hit 30 years (that’s a LONG time to be in one place) and that has some perks so it would be nice.  But if they cash me out with a nice severance, I’ll deal with that.  Just imagine all the free time I’d have to endlessly ramble on about nothing at all.

I did work out today.  Did a couple of things like push ups that put a lot of pressure on my wrists so they are a little sore right now.  Probably doesn’t help that I spend my day doing computer work with mouse and keyboard.  I’m sure we all are doing permanent damage to the hands just from all the repetitive motion.  One of the exercise is hard to describe but it involved me being in a push up position with feet on the ground but my arms braced on a platform so I wasn’t flat on the ground.  Then, I had to do rows with one arm so I was supporting myself with one arm and my toes.  Felt like I was going fall over at any minute.  I really don’t know where they dream all this stuff up or how they decide which ones to inflict on you in a given session.

Well that’s all I’ve got for today.  Time to fold laundry (how exciting!!)



  1. Push ups used to seriously hurt my wrists too (I spend a lot of time at a desk job as well). You should consider getting a set of push up stands to help alleviate the tension. I have a set, and they helped fix my wrist issues so that now I can crank through tons of push ups without my wrists complaining afterward.

    If you’re interested, I recommend getting ones with a round base. Those are safer than the ones that have ‘legs’ on them if your trainer ever has you do wide push ups. The round base makes them less likely to flip onto their side while you’re lowering yourself when your arms are wide. Trust me, a few extra dollars is worth avoiding unexpectedly smacking your nose on the floor if one of the stands flips on you. 🙂

    1. Thanks, I’ll look into that. And I would definitely not want to face plant; I’m sure my trainers get enough enjoyment watching me struggle. Not sure I’d ever be able to crank out tons of push ups even with stands though.

      1. Believe it’s possible. At one point in my life, I didn’t think that I could either, but I managed to change with some time, patience and practice. If you remove the discomfort that comes from doing the push ups, then you will feel less hesitant to do them. Next time you try, you’ll feel good about telling yourself to try doing one more before you stop. One more becomes two more over time, then three, then more. If you stick with it, before you know it the thought of getting down on the floor and popping off twenty of them doesn’t feel like such a big deal. Then you start to wonder if you could get through thirty…

        A wise man in the world of fitness once said: “Never say ‘I can’t!’ – only ‘I presently struggle with.'”

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