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I was feeling strangely alliterative today.

Just wanted to add a few random points about the dance demo last week and some other unrelated randomness.

I’ve mentioned this before but one thing you have to know about doing anything like that is that the ratio of practice to performance is ridiculous.  Our routine was about a minute.  One lesson is 45 minutes.  I can’t say how many lesson equivalents we spent working on it but you get the picture.

This is actually what I find strangely thrilling about performing – even if it is just an in studio demo.  Very few people see all the practice time and you only get the one shot to get it right.  Its why I tend to overflow with positivity if it all goes right.

The best thing about the dance was how it felt.  I’ve mentioned this before as well but, when done right, the moves feel effortless as both partners use the energy that is developed.  Hard to describe but I know what it feels like and it is wonderful when it happens.

Say what you will about Franchise studios but one of the nicest things about the reaction was that these are my dance peeps.  I shouldn’t make this a Franchise/non-Franchise thing because it could happen at any studio.  It is just that when you are around a group of people and you see everyone’s struggles and these people all saw me have to take a step back when Kid T left.  So to have a “coming out” like that in front of them meant something.

Would you let the shape the front grill determine what vehicle to buy.  My VW is getting close to 100000 miles and it is probably time to start thinking about getting a newer model.  Problem is that some of the ones I’m looking at have this huge front grill that looks like a wide open mouth.  It just doesn’t look very friendly to me.

Does it really matter since I wouldn’t see the front of the car that often? No, but I’d know it was there.  Just don’t want to drive something that looks like it wants to eat everything in its path.   Sorry, that’s just my way.

Well, the seasonal confusion has ended and, as expected, we are now looking at a potential freeze.  Guess this is just the year of two seasons.  Summer and winter.  I still haven’t had my sprinkler system winterized yet and the grass is still growing.  Not sure it can deal with the shock.

Got lots of people at work who are on “fall break”.  Ok, technically, their kids are so they are out.  I get this is the new idea that you go to a more year round schedule because, in theory, kids retain more if they don’t stay out as long. So you trade time in the summer where you could be out doing things all day for two weeks in October.  Doesn’t seem like a fair trade to me.  I know people who went to Florida and we just came out of summer so it isn’t like you’ve gone months without warm weather.

Then again, I guess fewer and fewer kids just go outside to play unless they are doing some kind of organized sports activity so maybe they just don’t appreciate the longer summers.  (In fairness, I don’t have kids so I’m just going off what I read which may or may not be accurate)

And, what is the deal with parents all taking vacations at fall and spring break.  We had a spring break but never took a vacation.  OK, that was probably because my Dad was a college professor and his schedule was fixed and it rarely lined up but, even if it did, I can’t imagine us going anywhere.  We did take vacations but not a lot of big ones.

Well, the dog is begging for a walk and, even though it is cold, it is still sunny so we must indulge him.  Besides, I could use some air as well.


  1. hmmmm, let’s see … How about totally irrational, emotional, obsessive, overly sensitive, completely lacking in common sense? And the best one yet? “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

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