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Subtitle:  When I tell you about silly things that happen in my life for no reason other than I have a blog and I can do it.

Last night, we were at our favorite outdoor venue to listen to another concert by our wonderful symphony.  The vibe was a little different than the two shows we saw celebrating the 4th but that’s not what I’m here to talk about.

As the sun goes down, the insects come out.  Mostly it is fireflies and I’ve talked about them before.  But there are also beetles that come out.  I think they are either May or June beetles and since its July, I don’t know why they are still around. Except beetles can’t read calendars so maybe they don’t know it is July.  Or, if you asked them, they would probably have said that it is stupid to name them after a month.

On the ride home, I felt like something was crawling on my back and, at one point, I felt a little pinch on my shoulder.  Since I was driving, I couldn’t stop and rip my shirt off and make sure I hadn’t picked up any hitchhikers, and the crawly feeling stopped so I didn’t think anything more of it.

Until I got in the shower and started running my hands through my hair to get it wet for the shampoo.  Then, this golden beetle just dropped out of my hair and on to the floor of the shower.  Now, I’m generally about live and let live but I’m in the shower and I’m not about to jump out naked to release this beetle.  (Sorry for the visual but then you don’t know what I look like so it isn’t that big a deal)

And, I’m not going to smash him because, yuck, I’m barefoot and who wants to shower with beetle guts?  For the same reason, I wasn’t going to take one of the shampoo bottles which are heavier because, again, beetle guts.  I decided I had to send him down the drain.  Except he wouldn’t go.  I’m aiming the shower head at him and got him swirling around and near the drain but he kept managing to hang on even when I thought I had him down the drain.

Well, after a couple of minutes, I started to feel sorry for him and also admire his determination.  So, like the governor signing a midnight reprieve, I turned the water away and got a tube of body wash and put it on the floor so he could climb on.  Then, I put him on the little shelf we have in the shower and continued what I was doing watching to make sure he wasn’t going to fall back into the water or try to climb up the shower.  Since they can actually fly, I’m lucky he didn’t decided to take flight – perhaps he was still a little water logged.  After drying off and changing, I got something for him to climb on to and then released him out the front door.

If beetles could think, he would have an interesting night.

One other random little note.  I was doing random searches for blogs (I do this from time to time) and stumbled on one from someone who lives in my part of the woods.  Hers is more of a general interest blog – someone else who has turned their live into a digital reality show for the entertainment of others.  But she was talking about the same 4th of July show I had attended.  They ran it over four nights, so we might not have been at the same show but it was just a little weird to be reading someone else talk about something I had witnessed.  Probably could have used that as a nice opening line for a comment but I chose to just silently follow her blog.

Well, that’s a little Sunday morning randomness for you.  It will have to hold you over until something else happens that is worth writing about.

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