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So a little while back, I wrote a post about a stuffed elephant I “rescued” from the cereal aisle of a local super store.  I added his picture to the top of my site.  The generic beach was nice but I wanted something of my own.

I only bring this up because a couple of days ago, I got a link to an interview with David Lynch where he talked about buying five Woody Woodpecker dolls from a gas station and that he had to do a u-turn to go back to the station.  He talks about how he “saved their lives.”   See, now this is something I can relate to.

(Dude, you do realize that David Lynch is the last person you want to use to justify something as normal)  True story but I wasn’t going for “normal”.  Was just going for someone else in the world who would totally get why I absolutely had to walk out of that store with that Elephant.  See, I’ve kind of accepted the whole “quirkiness” theme of the INFP.  We are the aliens among you.  We are the square pegs that society tries to hammer into a round hole.

Just two more random notes about this whole thing and how my wife reacts to this little quirk of mine.

We have a resin snowman that was a gift from some friends.  When the snow finally leaves, he goes into the garage and there was a day I noticed she had come within an inch of tapping him with her car.  So, I’m going off on a riff about how he’s watching her car coming up and screaming at her to stop and she looks at me and says “you know it isn’t real and it can’t think, don’t you?”.  Then she kind of shakes her head and says something wondering about where I got this imagination.  To be honest, I felt a little sorry for her that her world is so logical and determined that a snowman statue could never be screaming as a car approached.  But we balance each other that way.

Secondly, we were in another story and there was another display of stuffed elephants – different from mine.  She looks at them and asks if I need to get my other one a friend.  Yeah, she’s accepted my quirks but is not above poking a little light fun at them.  I told her no that he was fine because I already had a few other things in my office to keep him company.  The reality is that none of those elephants were really speaking to me so they were fine on the shelf.  Yeah, that’s not really a concept that is easily explained but it is what it is.

Lastly, I came across this wonderful little description of the INFP type.  (Can you tell that I just got reacquainted with how to link to other things.  Like a kid with a new toy, I’ve got to play with it.  Actually, I just provided the link so I wouldn’t feel guilty about stealing the text)

Overall, there is a sense that they are a forest fey: clever, fragile yet resolute, fickle and preferring to follow their heart and desire, individualistic, alien, foreign, curious and odd, and despising the threat of man’s encroaching technology and so-called advancement, and the resulting imposition on their spirit and soul by inhumanity.

Just to get semi-serious for a minute, one problem with appropriately typing yourself is that you have to get beyond your own biases and really look at who you are and how you act.  For the longest time, I was in love with the description of the INTP (logical and all) and I could always answer the questions in the right way to get there.  It was only when I could get past that and think about how I really act that I started coming up INFP and the descriptions all fit.  I believe one problem with the MBTI is the whole T/F dynamic since there are probably a lot of guys who would not want to be described as “feelers”.  It conjures up visions of over emotional crying wrecks which is not what it means.  (The overly emotional part still fits for some of us)  But it just means your decisions are more guided by an internal compass of right/wrong rather than by logical decision making.  That is a gross oversimplification of course but it is to say that F does not equate to being an emotional wreck.

Now, you read that wonderful wrap up description and wonder how many guys are going to be comfortable being called a “forest fey”.  To be fair, there are probably a lot of women who don’t want to be described as a “forest fey”.  I don’t even know what a “forest fey” is.  I’ve grown more comfortable with the whole INFP-ness so it doesn’t bother me as much.  Seems like the author just could have started with the whole “fragile yet resolute” thing and the description wouldn’t have suffered at all.

Or maybe a “forest fey” can see the souls that live in certain inanimate objects …….  (you never know, after all)

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