My INFP is Showing

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Short little post that is not about dancing.  One of my other interests is personality type stuff.  When I started taking the tests honestly and not answering based on what I thought I should be, I have consistently come up as an INFP.  I have then read so much about that type and the various functions just to confirm and there is so much that fits.

Not sure I should really share this but, what the heck.

We were out doing our food shopping for the week.  Our local farmer’s market opened for the first time today so that was our first stop but that’s not what this post is about.  Our second stop is at a big chain with a red bullseye log (no free advertising here).  It is the super red bullseye meaning it has food and other items.

As we are going down the cereal aisle, I notice a stuffed elephant that got put on the shelf facing inward.  You should also know that I love elephants in general so the first thing I did was turn him around so he could see outward.  After all, who wants to look at the back of a cereal shelf.

Then, I actually had a debate with myself about whether I should take him back to the other stuffed animals so he’d be with his friends.  My wife (who is most likely an ISTP and sometimes likes to humor me) so she didn’t laugh at me but then added a tag line “you know it is just a stuffed animal and doesn’t get lonely”.  Yeah, think she might be doing a subtle sanity check to make sure I haven’t gone off the deep end.

But, I put him in my cart and then went off to look for the stuffed animals in the toy department.  I found them but there was nothing close to this elephant.  I actually again had a little debate with myself and ended up deciding that I couldn’t leave him with those other animals because he didn’t fit in.  I also then discovered that this was a promotion and that the store was making a big donation to the world wildlife fund which basically clinched the decision that the elephant was coming home with me.

Not that I have any real need or use for a stuffed elephant but it just seemed like the right thing to do.

I’ve looked at a lot of websites and it seems like this is a pretty common theme for INFP’s where you can start to believe that inanimate objects have feelings.  (Perhaps they do).  Logically, I’m with my wife that this is just a stuffed elephant but somehow he ended up in my cart.

This is just how it is for us I think.  At times, there is something that just feels some much like the right thing to do that you have to do it even if you can’t explain it to anyone.  That’s because sometimes it doesn’t even make sense to you.  Something just hits the right note somewhere and you can’t fight it.

Besides, could you really have left this guy facing backwards between the boxes of Cheerios?





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