Redbuds and Dogwoods

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Kind of what the weather has been like lately IYKYK

First of all, where does the time go? How in the world are we almost 2/3rds of the way through April? Wasn’t Easter just last weekend? Have no idea why but it just feels like the world sped up once we got into April.

So we had a preview of early summer last week with a string of six days in a row with highs above 70. Then, it got cold over the weekend. Had a little ice in the birdbath one morning. Today, we are back to early summer. This is the time of year when you go from heater to AC to heater to AC. Also why when someone mentions “normal” or “average” temperatures, it doesn’t mean a thing because that’s not what you are going to experience.

The Redbuds are in full bloom now so our front yard is a sea of purple. And we have certain roads with Redbuds on both sides so you are surrounded by purple. The Dogwoods typically lag behind but with the hot weather, they are out as well. Some years, the Redbuds are gone before the Dogwoods get here but this year we get both at the same time.

My parents had a large number of lily of the valleys growing around there house. Several years ago, Mom dug up a few for us and we planted them in a wooded part of our lawn. They’ve quickly multiplied and are are now carpeting an area with little white flowers.

As an anniversary present one year, they gave us two flowering almonds which are also now in bloom. I have to work to cut back the trees to give them light but they seem to be doing just fine. Now that my parents are gone, it means a little more to have these reminders that flower every year.

So our little corner of the world is now full of different colors as all the flowers bloom. It is a great time of the year and maybe that’s why it feels like it is moving so fast.

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