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Yes, I know I just used this but I still like it.

Quick update to my previous post. I think someone at Windows pushed the wrong button because when I logged in yesterday, my version of Windows had magically reverted to the previous one. Not all was right in the world since I had to log back into a couple of sites. For one, I had to verify that I was, in fact, an actual person. The magic of updates.

Last night, the studio had an event. The stated purpose was to give people an opportunity to perform routines they’d been working on. For a lot of us, these are routines that will carry into the upcoming Showcase but there were also several wedding couples doing the routines they will perform at their weddings.

They do this at a venue outside the studio so you get the experience of dancing on a different floor. And getting extra practice in doing a routine in front of an audience is a good thing. I mean you practice for a long time to get a minute and a half or so at Showcase. This is good for running it “live” and seeing where the issues are while there is still enough time to fix them before Showcase.

This time, they did something different. Normally, they save the routines until near the end after everyone has had dinner and done some social dancing. This time, they gave us a little mix and mingle time and a few social dances and then jumped right into the routines.

Really, it went a lot better this way. Sometimes it is hard to really enjoy dinner when the nerves are kicking in and having to do a routine when you are tired from social dancing can also drag you down. This way, everyone gets to perform and then we can all just relax and enjoy the rest of the night.

Because there were some newer students there and some of the wedding couples don’t do groups or parties, they added back in an oldie but a goodie – the Fox Trot mixer. Line the leaders up on one side and the followers on the other and then you pair up and dance a Fox Trot down the line. With uneven numbers, you are pretty much guaranteed to dance with different people.

Our Cha-Cha went well. A couple of things to keep ironing out before Showcase but I was happy with it. All in all, it was a good night.

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