Monday Odds and Ends

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COVID continues to fade away. Last week, we had the fewest number of newly reported cases since the end of June 2021. I bring this up because I went to the Ortho doc today to start my next set of knee injections and they have made masks optional. Sanity continues to come back to the world.

Then, I was shopping and this lady was masked up in the store. Still a few hold outs who want to live like it was 2020.

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned the pair of barred owls that has nested near us for the last three years. It is cool to see owls around but they seem to enjoy calling to each other right before sunrise. Maybe an announcement that breakfast is on the way but, as a light sleeper, it does wake me up. Not quite as cool.

I don’t like thinking about what they are bringing back for breakfast given how many other birds are around the house because of our feeders. Circle of life and all that but that’s just part I don’t really want to know about.

On the above quote, ballroom dancing shouldn’t be considered boring. But I realize that so many other things that bring me joy would probably seem kind of boring.

Like going to the turtle pond in the spring to look for turtles. We didn’t go yesterday since we had other plans but we’ve had some sunny days in the 60’s and there were over 20 when were there on Saturday. I just find it funny to watch them fight for space on the few logs that offer a way to get out of the water and get some sun.

Speaking of ballroom, there is another event coming up on Saturday where the stated purpose is to allow people to do the routines they are planning for the next Showcase. Of course, there is dinner and social dancing and the staff will amaze us with some stuff as well. I’ve skipped the last two studio events but I will be doing one of the two routines we’ve got planned for Showcase.

We tried to practice it on Friday’s lesson but the floor was jammed with people and that was unusual for Friday nights. Good for the studio, not so great for trying to get in practice. We ended up doing a Viennese Waltz just because OwnerGuy was doing one and the floor had emptied a bit as lessons finished. Went pretty well – we did get close to a wedding couple but no collisions.

Well that was the weekend that was.

So true!

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