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Had a minor detour this week that required a trip to the emergency room. Not to worry, it wasn’t serious but it was just something my primary care doc didn’t feel equipped to deal with so they sent me to the ER for evaluation. They ended up doing a few tests to rule out the serious stuff and then just sent me home with a prescription.

If you ever want to kill half a day or more, the ER is the place to do it. I get there and, of course, they require masks (sigh). I see a group of people to my right where one has some kind of respiratory thing because she’s coughing but they’ve all got their masks pulled down to their chins so they can talk. And nobody really seemed to care.

So I had to explain to the check in people why I was there and then, after a wait, they did vitals, and, after another wait, I got back to a room. Then I had to explain to the nurse and PA why I was there. All while providing my name and date of birth multiple times. I guess that makes some sense because I’d hate to get treated for something I didn’t have.

Then, they had a plan of action which required some blood work and a further test. I have the charting app set up to give me texts so it kept beeping when a test was entered. Had to wait more and then a nurse would come in and ask (after the name and date of birth) if anyone had come to talk to me. Nope. Then more waiting and finally taken to a room with a big machine to look at my insides. Then back to the room to wait some more. Finally see the PA again with the plan which gets told to me after they confirm my name and date of birth again.

I get the prescription and then we have to fill out discharge paperwork where I acknowledge that they told me what was going on and I’m finally sprung from the place. The next day I get an automated follow up to confirm that I understood my discharge instructions and that I wasn’t having issues with my prescription.

Really can’t wait to see the bill for all of this.

Friday it rained all day and it was a cold rain but with a few thunderstorms thrown in just for fun. A bit north of here, it turned to snow but we missed out on that. I was feeling like a cold was coming on (maybe from that crowd in the ER) so I cancelled my lesson because going out in the rain didn’t seem like a smart thing. Two days later, it has not blossomed into anything so maybe the rest was the right idea.

It was not a great way to end the week.

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