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As has been mentioned before, my new schedule is going to be to post something when I feel inspired so there’s been a gap of a few days simply because there was nothing compelling to write about.

And, I’ve had other things to distract me. It seems like a whole bunch of authors I really enjoy all came out with new books. Well, it was only four but that is still a lot. Earlier this year, I doing a lot of searching to find things to read and hit a few hits and a few misses so I’m hoping that these will all be hits. The first two were and I’ve started on the third with a fourth to follow. So that keeps me busy.

Plus, I ended up falling into a series of murder mysteries from an author I hadn’t read before. They are set in London in 1900 and I just find the descriptions of life to be fascinating. Can’t vouch for the historical accuracy but it certainly describes a different time and it is fun to imagine what it would be like to live in those days.

Had a lens pop out of my glasses over the weekend. Kind of freaked me out a bit before I noticed because I kept wondering why one eye was so much blurrier than the other. Like was I having a stroke or something. But I got the pair back in yesterday and they were fixed quickly.

The good news is I have several spare pairs. I’ve got pretty decent vision insurance from work and so I update my glasses every year. That’s also because my vision just keeps getting a little worse every year so each year is small tick up in power. Plus I alternate between reading and computer glasses since the power I need for reading doesn’t work for a computer screen. I’m used to wearing them now but I do miss the years of not needing them.

Our washer also gave it up yesterday. The signs have been there but we’ve been reluctant to replace it so I guess it just forced the issue for us. Many of the new ones are wifi enabled and I’m not really sure I see the point but maybe we’ll find a use for it when the new one is delivered on Thursday.

I finally got the last relevant tax form so now I can put the packet together so someone can figure out how much we owe. There aren’t really that many but I’m not great at record keeping so I’ve got things stashed in a couple of places because they show up at different times. It isn’t a lot of work but I’m not great at getting around to tasks I don’t like.

Spring continues to show up around here. The vultures and blackbirds are back and we think the owls are nesting right now. Just waiting for the turtles to show up on one of our walks to seal the deal. Haven’t had really nice weather though – lots of clouds and rain so not ideal weather to be out. Still, tomorrow is the first of March and winter just gets further into the rear view mirror.

I guess that’s enough rambling so here’s an uplifting quote to finish things off.

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