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I’ve noticed that WordPress has started to toss in random questions when you go to write a new post. Seems like an interesting feature – something to job your mind perhaps when nothing pops into your head. Probably better than staring at a blank screen.

Hadn’t really thought about this until today when the question was what is your favorite form of exercise or physical activity.

Well since I started ballroom dancing, that’s an easy question to answer. Then again, I’ve gone on and on about dancing so I’m not sure there is much more to say.

I do other things as well. We enjoy our walks through the various parks. At least until this last one when someone decided to break into my car. I didn’t mention this but the good news is we got the car back on Friday so this past weekend felt much more normal. I am going to be a little nervous about going back to the turtle pond though – at least until the weather warms up and more people are out and about.

Every now and then, I’ve tossed out posts about exercise since I do try to do some strength training. Most weeks, I get in 3-4 sessions. Don’t really have any goals but just a general desire to slow down the effects of aging and to help me keep dancing as long as possible.

I do like the opening quote and it speaks to one of the problems with exercise. It is hard work and it can be hard to get motivated to do it. If you start thinking that it is some kind of punishment, then I suspect it will be even harder to stick with it.

And I do like the workouts and how I feel afterward. Still, for my money, you can’t beat dancing.

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