Weekend of Lights

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The town where we grew up wasn’t a small town but it didn’t have a lot of attractions so there was really just one outdoor display in a downtown park. Still, it was something we did as kids. The displays never changed so you knew what to expect. But it drew a lot of people – something about walking around outside in cold weather looking at lights and other displays that becomes part of Christmas.

Where I live now, there are several options so December weekends can become busy. This past weekend we were out both Saturday and Sunday night to look at lights and other things. The temperatures were in the low 40’s both nights and we had some rain on Saturday night but not really anything you can complain about because it is December after all.

Saturday was at a living history museum and there were several parts to it. There used to be a big outdoor display at a local business but times change and they moved farther north and the land got eaten up to build more useless retail. They donated the lights to this place so the place we go to see concerts in the summer is covered with various light displays.

The main part of the historic area is set to the 1830’s so there are no electric lights at all. There are a few houses you can walk through with people playing characters from the time period and the houses reflect what might have been back then. The people don’t break character so if some kid suggests singing a song like Rudolph, they have to act like they don’t know what you are talking about.

There is another display of lights in another section with some lights set to music and that is always fun to see. Lots of walking because the place isn’t small but they had fire pits in strategic locations so you could stop and warm yourself. I’d say mostly catered to families with kids but still fun to walk through.

Sunday was the zoo. I think a lot of zoos now do Christmas light displays. They actually expanded this year by putting lights in a section that had previously been closed. All of the animals in that section come from places much warmer than where we are so they we inside for the winter. But you got to see a lot of lights.

A few of the animals that are used to cold were out and they have some buildings where you can see animals but the big attraction is the lights. We were able to get there early in the evening and the line to get in when we left was crazy.

There are a few more things to do but we’ve planned it out right because we are running out of weekends.

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