COVID Statistics Reshuffle

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I didn’t quite understand what the CDC was doing. I thought they were just going to update once a week but it turns out they changed the statistics so that rather than reported daily totals, they are now only reporting weekly totals. A lot of states had already moved in that direction so it makes sense even though you do lose some resolution.

I assume that the daily numbers are still there but just not visible to the public anymore.

The dates didn’t line up with what I had been using so I’ve had to scrap a lot of what I was doing and create new tables and graphs to match the new format. Wasn’t a big deal but I did see several new little glitches and things that weren’t there previously. I suspect there might have been some data errors that may be corrected in the future.

The conclusions you draw are only as good as the data you collect and it is a bit troubling when the past changes without a lot of explanation. When someone is the keeper of the data, they typically have the ability to do what they want behind the scenes and if nobody is able to hold them accountable, then you’d never know what manipulations have been done.

For now, I’ll leave the graphs off to give them time to iron out any kinks. In the last week, there were 265,893 newly reported cases and that was up about 1.8% from last week. If this number holds, it does break the string of 12 consecutive weeks of declining cases. But, the overall numbers remain low so this small increase is no real cause for concern.

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