Mid Week Blahs

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Today is just one of those days. The warm weather exited and was replaced by rain last night and now it is just cloudy and damp today. The clouds really diminish the fall colors. The leaves stand out in the sun but today they appear muted like someone just put a filter over the world.

Blah is just the perfect way to describe it. Kind of feel like I should be doing something but then a big part of me doesn’t want to do anything. Its a day where it would have been nice to just stay in bed the entire day. Perfect napping day.

Yep, this is perfect

This is going to be a day where it is hard to get motivated. And it is a hard day to want to leave the house like I’ll have to do for my lesson tonight. The only good thing is feelings like this typically don’t last. Just every now and then, a few things run together and it just becomes a blah day.

I did find this while looking for quotes. It made me smile so I’ll just end with it.

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