Summer to Fall

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Just going for some random funny quotes this time since I didn’t have an overall theme for this post.

Saturday we went to what the organizers call the French Market. It is a one day festival that is primarily a fund raiser for a particular church. I know we didn’t have a lot of French settlements in this area but the church is called the St Joan of Arc so that’s the tie in. The festival is in the parking lot with “authentic french food” (per the brochure) plus live music and other artisans selling things.

Oh and there is wine so you’ve got that even though we don’t drink wine.

Admittedly, the stretched the definitions of “French” just a bit. They had crab cakes which they said weren’t especially French but came from Maryland which was intended to be the “Catholic” colony so there’s the tie in.

Anyway, the food was good and the desserts were even better so it is the type of thing we like to attend. And, with all the pandemic craziness, they skipped a couple of years. Well, maybe they had it last year but, at this time last year, we had COVID so going out to a festival was off the list of things to do.

I think like all areas that get winter, we try to maximize outdoor things like this. In September, you typically expect cooler weather as we move farther from summer and closer to fall. Wasn’t the case on Saturday as we had summer like highs in the upper 80’s and humidity to go along with it.

We were rooting for clouds but none were to be found. Plus, it was in a parking lot so the heat just kind of bounced off the asphalt and kept rotating around you. They did have indoor seating and we finally took advantage of that for desert. So there was an opportunity to cool off a bit.

That’s the risk with outdoor things. The weather doesn’t always produce those wonderful low 80 days with no humidity and a light breeze to make things super pleasant.

Then it rained all day yesterday and today, we won’t break 70. In fact, we’ll probably top out around 65. Went for a walk and, with the wind, it was actually a little chilly. I’m still wearing the t-shirt and shorts because I refuse to surrender to the cooler temps until the last possible minute.

We have another one of these festivals this weekend. Its an Orthodox church so the food theme is Middle Eastern. The long range forecast says temperatures will warm up again and we might be in the upper 80’s for a second time. Ah well, at least the food will be good.

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