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I started putting these quotes in my posts because I do think there is a benefit in exposing yourself to as much positive energy as possible. This one hits a little close because I know it has been a limiting factor in my ballroom journey. Some people just struggle with believing in their own talents and abilities and I’m certainly one of those. Not really related to the rest of the post but I just felt like reacting to this one.

One particular struggle for me right now is the smooth dances. This is a bit odd because the smooth dances have typically been what I’ve fallen back on. Ballroom seems to require that you engage all parts of your body and it is an iterative process. If you know where your feet are going, then you start working on something else and so on and so forth.

With the smooth dances, I’ve hit a point where the next leg up requires more shaping and more attention to the top line and keeping it from collapsing. Part of me struggles with this because it is what the judges are looking for and maybe not so much what I’m looking for. But, I also know that these things build on each other and steps that you struggle with can becomes infinitely easier if you can master the right technique.

So that was some of what we focused on my last lesson. Part of mastering this is the physical part because holding a frame ain’t easy. The harder part though seems to be the mental part. That combination of (a) can I do it and (b) do I want to do it. Work in progress – as always.

Is there a theme here??

I decided to go to the studio party last night. My attendance has been spotty for a variety of reasons. One has been that several parties had more leaders than followers. So if I skip, it makes the ratio better and more of the guys get a chance to dance.

Right after the party started, PJ came up to ask if I would be willing to do an Argentine Tango demonstration later in the party. They’ve started calling Wednesday groups “Wild Wednesday”. I don’t know when. Maybe it was just last night. But the thought was to feature dances that aren’t widely done. This way you can expose students to more dances and maybe they’ll find one that they really like and then maybe they’ll add it to their program. The studio is very good at finding ways to separate you from your money but if someone gets introduced to a dance they really love, then its a win for everyone.

And Argentine Tango is on the schedule for next week and I guess they were looking to entice people. See the dance. Now come to group class to learn it. Sometimes I feel like there should be voice overs like those annoying drug commercials. In this case, it would be something like “the steps you see tonight are not what you are going to be doing in group class and getting to this level is going to take some time”. Just a little truth in advertising.

Now, you know I love an audience but I will admit I’m more comfortable with time to mentally prepare. And, they didn’t do our demo until near the end of party when I was worn out from the dancing. Still, it went well and was probably good practice for the upcoming Showcase.

The other highlight(?) of the night was getting dragged out to the floor to do a Night Club Two Step. I’ve seen NC and I know what it can become but the basics are just boring (to me) so I have steadfastly refused to participate. But I guess one of the other students decided I shouldn’t be sitting out and wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. I know enough to do basics and a turn or two. That doesn’t seem like it would be all that much fun but what do I know.

We’ll be back at it tonight for two more lessons. I’m going to have some seriously tired muscles come Saturday.

To be honest, I’m not really sure how to interpret this. It seems to be in the same vein as the others if you take “light” to mean some sort of belief in yourself. Kind of feels like this is more one of those quotes people like the sound of even if they don’t fully understand it. Maybe the vagueness is the key – it allows you to determine for yourself what the appropriate “light” is.

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