Labor Day Weekend

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We ended up not doing a whole lot with the weekend. Part of that was weather related. Every day was cloudy with a chance of rain although the rain mostly fizzled out. While the temperatures weren’t bad, the humidity was up so it wasn’t an ideal weekend for outdoor activities.

Of course now that the weekend is essentially over, the sun is out and shining brightly. If I we were still working, this would be irritating and a little depressing. Now, it doesn’t bother me because I can still do whatever I choose to do tomorrow.

Made one stop at the hardware store to pick up a few things and they were doing what has to be the last closeout on tropical plants. Prices dropped by 75%. I’ve said this before but I do end up feeling sorry for plants at the end of the season. These plants have been in the outdoor garden area since May just waiting to end up in somebody’s house. Now, they will end up as landfill as the cold comes and they don’t have space inside.

My wife shares some of the same thoughts and she’s more of the plant person than I am. So we “rescued” a pair of plants and she cleaned them up and gave them a new spot in our bathroom. It is getting crowded there as we already had two other plants – one we bought at the same place a month or so ago when they were only 30% off.

But we have a tub we don’t use with lots of space around it and the window so they are all lined up. I suspect they like the humidity and now we have a mini tropical garden in the bathroom. They are certainly happier than they would have been if we had left them in the hardware store.

And September is now 5 days old. One sixth of the month down and only 25 days until October. Really seems to be going fast.

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