Summer’s Last Days

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Even though I hate to see summer go, I have to admit this is true.

We are down to the last few days of August. This weekend is Labor Day which is kind of like the unofficial end to summer. A last chance for a long weekend of outdoor activity. Really it isn’t but sometimes it does feel that way. The calendar says summer doesn’t end until near the end of September and we can have hot spells in September and even nice warm, sunny days into October.

But one we get into Pumpkin Spice season, the mindset shifts into fall. There are already many signs that the change is coming. The red winged blackbirds, who are one of the heralds of spring when they arrive, have been absent from the park for a few weeks. The bluebirds seem to have moved on and it has been awhile since we’ve seen a male hummingbird at our feeders. The females stick around longer but they eventually will have to leave as well. Also saw a warbler in the back as they start migrating back to warmer places.

Perhaps this is true, I’m working on it.

And then there is the sunlight. It comes and goes rather gradually but you eventually notice it. Last week, as I was driving to the studio for my lessons, the sun was low enough to be in my eyes. Back in July, there would still be light as I left the studio. Now it is dark. I know that in time it will be dark as I leave for my lessons but I don’t like to think about that.

I can’t help but imagine what the landscape will look like as I drive around. We will go from a blanket of green to reds/yellows/oranges and then to brown and then finally to the black, white and grey of winter. There is beauty in all the seasons, I just find more of it in spring and summer so those are my favorites. But I know there are many who love fall just as much as I love summer.

It is just that I can’t help but feel a little sad as it becomes clear that we are down to the last days of summer. It is really the only seasonal change where I feel this way. I’m sure the pumpkin spice people who disagree but we all have the seasons we just feel connected to.

There are good things about fall and I will enjoy those. The sadness doesn’t last but it always shows up around this time.

How about if you only get excited about certain seasons changing?

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