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I spent too much time in the rabbit hole yesterday reading angry things so I thought I’d just post a few quotes that I thought were funny. I don’t know what was going on with some of the things I like to look at but it just seemed like everyone was in a bad mood.

Note the date. I remember when these were popular. The best thing was that from a distance they looked like the type of motivational posters you’d see on corporate walls. You had to read to know that they were making fun of those type of posters.

I have become a believer in exposing yourself to positive things and positive energy which is why I like to toss in a few little quotes in every post. Like everything else, you can take it too far – like when a corporation figures they can distract you from all the bad things with a few pretty pictures and nice words.

I know I’m not giving examples. If I looked hard enough, I might be able to find a few. But I do seem to remember that in a lot of cases, the general theme of “corporate motivation” was that it was your fault for not working hard enough. Maybe that’s too harsh.

Anyway, I did get a good laugh out of these when they came out.

Indeed it does. Sarcasm is just one of the many services I offer. People have differing opinions on sarcasm. Some hate it and get really offended with certain remarks. Then you tell them to stop being so sensitive and it just makes things worse (kidding). I did end up learning to temper that side of me as a boss because there were people on the team who just took it the wrong way.

Something about how we grew up though because as a family, we cut each other up all the time. It toughens you up.

I do love an appropriate sarcastic comeback. But you have to read the room to know when to use it.

I know this is intended to be a little sarcastic because who is tired of the whole “half full/half empty” thing. In a way, it is interesting advice. Don’t like your situation, then change the circumstances. Instead of whining about something being half empty put it in smaller glass and then you’ll feel better because it is now mostly full.

The world is what you make of it.

Of course, you don’t have any more than what you started with. You’ve just changed how it was presented. If the amount you started with wasn’t sufficient, it won’t be made sufficient just by putting into a smaller glass. It will only give you the illusion of having more.

Then again, illusions fool people all the time so why not.

That’s all I’ve got. Time to get ready for my Friday night lessons. It is a little hot and humid and we are starting the lesson with a round so I’ll be sweating in no time. And I just realized that is hardly a good visual to leave you on but I’ve got nothing else.

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